Hawaiian Florals

I love that Vegas is full of Palm Trees. They may not be native to Nevada but I love that they thrive and I get to see them every time I look out my windows. It just makes me feel like I live in a tropical place. I just wish we weren’t so far from the ocean. Anyway, I love anything tropical which is why I am so obsessed with palm leaf, tropical florals, fruits, and animal prints.  Anything that reminds me of my motherland, Puerto Rico.

The Pretty Dress Company just released a bunch of great Tropical/Hawaiian style prints and I immediately fell in love. I literally have this print now in 3 different dresses lololol. This one is fun and super comfortable for any occasion and so easy to accessorize with my bamboo jewelry and hair flowers. I also love the stretch and feel of this fabric. I literally didn’t want to take the dress off! I couldn’t even wait to have it hemmed to wear it. I’m tiny so it falls a bit long on me, but what else is new haha. I just have to wear higher heels ;).

Images by @DMRdepictions.

2 Comments on “Hawaiian Florals

  1. I love this dress. It’s so beautiful. You can not go wrong with the maxi dress and lace-up heels look. Always looks classy and sophisticated.

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