Orchard Corset

I was always on the fence about corsets because they were always really uncomfortable for me but I didn’t know it was because of the types of corsets I was wearing. My friend Carrie corset trains and I would always be amazed at her dedication and how comfortable she was in hers so I asked her what brand of corset she wore and when she told me Orchard Corset, I just knew I had to try it. I always think of corsets when I find dresses that are a few inches small around the waist and even when I clean out my closet and have to get rid of some of my old size 0s and 2s because I’m much heavier now. A corset saves me from having to get rid of some of my old things and gives me hope when buying vintage/non-vintage dresses that aren’t my exact measurements. This is one of my biggest reasons for diving into the corset world.

Another reason is simply for the sake of fashion. Though I am not really a fan of wearing corsets as an outfit piece (I think its tacky when girls wear them over jeans but to each his own), with the right dress, a corset can be a stunning accessory.

My friend Carrie wears the mesh Orchard Corsets so I got one of those for under my clothes and I also bought a leather one for over my clothes. Of course these are great bedroom pieces as well ;). Something about wearing the leather corset makes me feel like Bettie Page (meow!). I wish I had Carrie’s dedication to corset training but that’s not something I can commit to haha.

Anyway, I gave it a few weeks before I could do an official review and can honestly say, Orchard corsets changed my mind entirely about corsets. The two styles I have are very comfortable (I didn’t tighten them too too too tight as I wanted to breathe) but even with them not being tightened all the way, the definition of my waist was AMAZING. I like a corset I don’t have to put too much work into ;). Orchard Corset was really awesome in helping me pick the right size for me too as I wasn’t too sure which size to get. My natural waist is a 26 and I was able to get my waist down to 23 inches (I’m positive I can get it to go even smaller!) in these body binding beauties! If you are thinking of buying a corset, seriously check them out.

If you need more convincing, Check out the rest of this post where I share the effects of a corset under clothes and over your clothes. ❤

I found that this mesh corset was the best for wearing under my clothes. It’s almost seamless. It’s just important you wear it under the right fabrics. A silk dress would probably expose the boning of the corset whereas a heavy cotton or wool would lay nicely over the corset. Also, busy patterns or something that has ruching works really well with corsets because the ruching/patterns hide everything.
I like my corsets to expose my back but there’s a flap if you want to hide yours.This dress is a bit snug on me and I was able to fit into it comfortably with the mesh corset underneath.  This leather corset is totally the business; an outfit accessory and a bedroom accessory for sure. Here, I am wearing the Orchard corset with a Secrets in Lace set. I love the way it molds to my body and doesn’t bulk out under the bust or pinch into my hips.  If I were to wear it out, I’d wear it with a leather-look dress so it camouflages nicely.


[Images by DMR Depictions]

Get your very own corset at Orchard Corset!

8 Comments on “Orchard Corset

  1. I bought a corset from them and I love it I’ve only worn it a couple times (my brief attempt at corset training). Your post has encouraged me to bring it out again to wear under dresses so I can feel more confident in them! 😍❤️

  2. I just have to say i think you look absolutely amazing!! 🙂 So pretty, classy, sexy and beautiful…An absolute beauty!

    The kind of lady i´d lay flat on my back over a mud puddle for myself if i didn´t have a coat, so you could walk across on me just to keep your feet from getting wet! 😉

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