Home Decor: Sin in Linen

I have been having a lot of fun with my apartment decor as of late. I just bought a tv stand, a book shelf, a dining set, and a few other things. However, nothing had me more excited than when I received my Sin in Linen Lady Weird pinup “Pillow Fight” bedding, shower curtain, and pajamas! I am already obsessed with Lady Weirds art work so I was so excited when I found out that she had a collection with Sin in Linen. I literally LIVE in the SIL pajamas. I swear to god I didn’t even own REAL pajamas until I got these. This was my first ever Sin in Linen order and I have to say..I am really impressed. There really is nothing like walking into my pretty-in-pink bathroom to see my super cute shower curtain. It literally matches perfectly. Now the sheets do not match my bedroom decor but I didn’t care at all. I still put the sheets on my bed. How could I not! The sheets are super soft and really comfortable to sleep with and the pajamas are no exception. I get giddy when I see the cute pinup girl designs all over my pajamas. I am biased about most pink things because I am girly as hell but I promise you, anything you get from Sin in Linen is going to be high quality and super fun. They have the best non-conventional designs that aren’t a snore bore like most bath & bedding you find at commercial retailers. I will definitely be placing more orders with them soon. I need more more more! 
The “Pillow Fight” shower curtains go so well with my pink bathroom decor…and even my pink towels haha.
And even my pink Secrets in Lace Lingerie and robe that I put on when I am getting ready. 😉

And Sin in Linen also has pajamas in the “pillow fight” print! They are SO comfortable. I never owned ACTUAL pajamas until I got these. It’s nice to say I have some now haha!
And of course I had to get the bedding as well. I mean, how could I not?! The sheet set and duvet are super soft and so comfortable to sleep with. Just ask my pal Rex who loves laying on them.Because I love Sin in Linen so much, I want to share the joy with all of you by hosting a little (big) giveaway! YOU could win a sheet set with a duvet in the Lady Weird “Pillow Fight” print by joining my contest on instagram! See the flyer below for details!

Good luck dolls! Contest will end on 5/19 and the winner will be announced on instagram!

{Images by DMR Depictions}


4 Comments on “Home Decor: Sin in Linen

  1. Dreaming of this and pretty much every outfit you have!!! Glad Sun in Linen introduced me to you!

  2. This print is so feminine and has a great vintage feel to it. I’m in love!

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