Spring Flowers

It was a few days before the craziness of Viva Las Vegas and my family and close friends were in town to visit. I missed them so much so I had a special day planned for them at Lake Havasu, Arizona. Since they had never been there, I thought, why not? I went there twice in one month which is pretty major for me as kinda a new driver haha. I’m pretty much a pro now haha ;).

Anyway, we all got dressed up like it was Easter and enjoyed the day by the lake. I wore my new Pretty Dress Company pink floral print dress which is the same silhouette as the lemon printed one I previously posted about. Its got to be one of my favorite styles from TPDC because its elegant, comfortable, and perfect for this time of year. I wore some Betsey Johnson pink heels and my Kate Spade purse to match and wore simple pearls for jewelry. I love it when an outfit is easy and effortless. That’s what I love about TPDC dresses, the dress do all the glamorous work and you just have to worry about accessories haha. You just throw them on and you already look and feel glamorous!

We were quite the fashionable bunch :). It was such a wonderful day spent with my Mom, sister, and best friend and I couldn’t have been happier.

My hearts ❤
The beautiful Lake Havasu. Can you see why I love this TPDC dress? So elegant.
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil with my sis and my bestie Sunny! lolol
I’m so happy I got to spend time with my other half. I love her so much.
Thinking really hard about if I want ice cream or not…Couldn’t resist. Bestie<3

Such a great day in a great dress ❤

3 Comments on “Spring Flowers

  1. It was a lovely day well spent with the ones I love and as always, you looked beautiful in that dress.

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