Paradise Found.

I have been really digging Trashy Diva’s new prints and man, this pirate print is definitely one of my favorites. I really love the mid-century-like designs of Trashy Diva prints and the fact that most of their items are rayon really gives you that vintage feel when you wear their clothing. Normally, when I buy vintage, I go for the 1940s novelty printed rayons because it’s my favorite. The fabric is light, breathable, and really comfortable. However, most of the time when you find vintage rayon clothes, it’s practically falling apart. This is why Trashy Diva is my go-to for vintage-like rayon pieces. Wearing their pieces during the brutally hot Summers here in Las Vegas makes the weather a lot easier to deal with and I look and feel great in the process.

I wore this Trashy Diva dress the other day whilst taking a walk with my friends around my neighborhood and it was perfect. It was just really windy so my hair flower I initially had on kept falling off of my head lol. It was such an easy dress to accessorize. I just wore vintage gold hoops, vintage bamboo bangles, my Pleaser black mules, and a vintage purse. I also wore some sunnies from Buffalo Exchange that have become my favorite.

Take a look at more images inside and a surprise code you can use on your next Trashy Diva purchase!

Want to add some Trashy Diva pieces to your wardrobe?


and receive 10% OFF your next purchase (excluding sale) until 5/15.

Happy Shopping! ❤

Images by DMRDepictions.

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