Swim with Playful Promises & Peek and Beau.

Two months ago I had a blast modeling for the new Playful Promises swimwear line, Peek and Beau. I’m no stranger to the Playful Promises lingerie line. I have been adding many of their pieces to my lingerie collection for years now because I adore them so much. So believe me when I tell you, their swimsuits are just as amazing. This means, if you are looking for the perfect swimsuits to sport this Summer, you need to check out Peek and Beau!

I modeled 5 different styles and had a lot of fun styling them within my own wardrobe. Coincidentally before even seeing the location, I created outfits that matched the setting I was in. The photo shoot was in California at the most beautiful home that was full of amazing antiques and oddities. I was in awe of the place and ready to move in as soon as I stepped through the door haha. I could literally live there and lounge around in the Peek and Beau swimsuits all day and be happy haha. Anna and Mark did such an amazing job photographing/filming me and I had such a blast working with them. They took great footage of the shoot so you gotta check out the cute styles I modeled inside!


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