Lemonade dreams.

I am a total sucker for fruit prints. I’m talking lemons, pineapples, watermelons, and everything else that reminds me of Carmen Miranda or the caribbean. Recently The Pretty Dress Company released a lemon print wiggle dress and I had to have it!

You guys know I love TPDC. They have become a huge part of my wardrobe because their dresses never disappoint. I love a company who’s quality and designs match the prices of their garments. Every piece is tailored to perfection and fits me like a dream. This silhouette is different from the other dresses I have and it was still a hit. I wore it to lunch with friends at Lake Las Vegas and styled it with a vintage hat, Bow and Crossbones vintage inspired bangles and earrings, a vintage purse, and some simple Christian Louboutin black peep toe pumps. I added flowers to the sides of my hat to match the dress too!

Even though the year has just begun, I have a feeling this is one of those outfits will go down as one of my favorites this year. Thankfully my friend Daniel had his camera as he always does when we hang so we got some good outfit shots. I have to thank his wife Rhiannon (one of my other best friends) for helping me not fly away this day. It was so windy!


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