Through The Looking Glass


I have a very vivid imagination and like most artists, I try to make my life a work of art. Reality is dull and boring to me. Sounds morbid, I know but…to me, there is not enough magic in the world. There’s not enough fantasy. I think that’s why I have always been a fan of “Alice in Wonderland”. I have always had this fascination with surrealism and things that don’t necessarily make sense. As a kid, I found myself wishing I was Alice pretty often despite being a hardcore Ariel fan haha. I wanted so badly for something magical to happen to me. I think this is why I am so passionate about fashion. It is a way of escape for me. I’m able to transform my look and create art with the way I put things together.

2 years ago, I was on tumblr when I stumbled across one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen but it had no information on where to find it. I saved the image in my computer for years..and like magic, it reappeared on my instagram where I discovered Chotronette. All of their dresses are couture-like pieces that are handmade to perfection and I can’t believe that after years of lusting after this dress, it is now mine. Now that, is MAGIC. So I took it upon myself to do a shoot with DMR Depictions inspired by Alice in my new favorite dress and I can’t believe how ethereal these images look. <3.

img_5791 img_5822 img_5825 img_5830 img_5845


7 Comments on “Through The Looking Glass

  1. Your photos and dress are so beautiful – I think it could even be worn as a wedding gown for a bride who wanted to wear something a bit different from the norm. I had a look at their website – it is wonderful – I have never seen dresses anywhere like them.

  2. 1. Lilac cupcake
    2. Macarons for breakfast
    3. Banana split
    4. Zebra cake

    Oh boy, I reaaly need them.

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