Mad Maxine


Since I am very much delayed with posts this year I am catching up by publishing posts I never got the chance to finish like this one featuring my last shoot with renowned photographer, Lars Kommienezuspadt. Lars is one of my best friends and literally one of my favorite photographers to work with. This was a very special shoot because I got to model alongside my ace, Crystal Taylor (@subculturevulture). I have never shot with another model before but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to model with one of my best friends. Crystal is the epitome of beauty and brains and a certified whimsical weirdo whom I love dearly. That’s the nature of her charm. Crystal and I worked extremely well modeling together and even made sure our outfits had the same Mad Max-ish theme. I also got to model alongside a Flat Rock Scorpion who is now my pet haha. I named her Phaedra and she’s a badass lil arachnid. Lars bought her at a pet shop and instead of him returning her, I told him I’d take her and give her a home.

Everything was perfect. The shoot was held at Nelson’s Landing, one of my favorite hidden gems of Las Vegas. Working with Lars is always a dream and something I never take for granted. This is definitely one of my favorite shoots I have done with him. He has a very artistic eye and understands angles and lines to capture the raw beauty of his clients. As an artist, his photos end up looking like works of art. Take a look for yourself.jasminehighres046jasminandcrystalhighres010 jasminandcrystalhighres011

Check out for Lars Tour Dates and check out more of his work.

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