My “Pinup Style” Class in NYC!

img_3915Last month I had the pleasure of collaborating with photographer Lucy La Riot and Renee of Slapback NYC to teach my very first official class in Brooklyn, New York. After nearly two months of crippling anxiety from being completely nervous no one would show up, I was happy to see a SOLD-OUT class full of babes from all over the world. I couldn’t believe it and was so happy to have met each and every one of them to personally thank them for supporting me and following me on my journey. It was a 3 hour class jam-packed with lessons on hair, makeup, and style followed by an awesome shopping experience at the Slapback shop where my girls got to put their lessons to use by adding great retro pieces to their Fall wardrobe. My students were greeted at the Slapback shop with awesome gift bags full of great pieces and discounts from my favorite fashion and beauty brands. It was a HUGE success despite my anticipating some crazy disaster haha. My models were on point and on time (Love you guys!), my lesson lasted just a little over 3 hours, and my presentation was a success. Primer Impacto even stopped by to film my class (so exciting!) and conducted a cute interview with me and my models for Univision!

One thing I noticed the most wasn’t how impacted my students were by the beauty and fashion segment but how moved they were by my teaching them how to FEEL beautiful which I think is the most important part of teaching these classes. We are often told we have to work towards being beautiful by wearing makeup and dressing a certain way but not really told that these things just accentuate the beauty we already have. Sure I can teach hair, makeup, style, blah blah blah but I love also being able to motivate and inspire women to be their best versions of themselves and I hope that I achieved that. It was an amazing experience and I think another class is in my future so if any of you have any ideas on where my next class should be, feel free to drop me a line in the comments section. 😉img_3654 img_3656 img_3657 img_3666 Lucy and Renee ❤img_3667 Nervous haha.img_3669 My gorgeous models before their transformation. Vanessa, Sunny, and Emily. Thank you so much for your support <3.img_3694 Gave a small lesson on Bettie Page Waves on my own hair cuz duh. lolimg_3703 Univision taping me for my first lesson.
img_3706 img_3710 Lol I just remember the look on my students faces when I combed out the waves. I heard so many wow’s hahaha.img_3722 img_3726 Giving Vanessa a happy pompadour.img_3727 img_3744 img_3746 img_3753 img_3754 img_3759 img_3775 Classic vintage style, Victory rolls.img_3777 img_3787 img_3791 Giving Emily a poodle.img_3795 img_3796 img_3797 img_3802 Showing how to use different weave for quick on-the-go styles using Classy Rebel bangs and other brands.img_3811 img_3813 img_3818 img_3822 img_3829 img_3847 img_3851 Showing how to use different hair accessories for each look.img_3853 img_3878 Talking about the importance of Undergarments with Secrets in Lace.img_3894 Talking about different kinds of fullness for circle skirts with petticoats.img_3907 Class trivia where my students got to win cool prizes!
img_3915 There are some of us missing from this photo but what an amazing group of ladies!img_3922 Special thanks to my models for doing a wonderful job ❤img_3946 After party shopping sash with my gorgeous students and friends!img_3948 img_3951 img_3956 img_3966 This pretty gal cried when we met! I gave her the biggest hug! She was so lovely.img_3967 This cutie came all the way from PA to attend my class. Thank you babe! You are so awesome!img_3980 img_3986 Bought these cute bunny ears at the New Hello Beautiful salon so I wore them the rest of the night.img_3997 img_4000

This lovely lady in the hot pink (Joann of @Grandstandfashion) had the cutest outfit and as I was complimenting her she gave me a gift which was the same outfit in black! I love it so much and couldn’t believe she went out of her way to come out to Brooklyn all the way from Florida to take my class and gift me with one of her pieces. Thank you Joann! ❤

Good times!


12 Comments on “My “Pinup Style” Class in NYC!

  1. San Jose, Ca. Not San Francisco, but Sj, because we get so tired if driving to SF all the time. I bet 23 Skidoo (one of my fave shops) would be totally down to collab with you. And if you needed a spot to prep your models hair, the salon I work at is just up the street from there. And we feed people.

  2. Come to California. Hollywood would be fun or Burbank.
    Great pictures. Looks like it was a lot of fun.

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