Road-Trippin like Thelma & Louise for Suavecita!

13442303_1183509751711958_7761460350712931553_n A little over a month ago I had the pleasure of doing the coolest road trip shoot for Suavecita with my partner-in-crime, Miss Thalia Castillo. It was one of the best experiences I have had all year because every person that was a part of the shoot was so awesome. The only hiccup we had was the weather earlier that day that completely ruined my Bettie Page waves, but we did our best to make it work. Luckily we had enough Suavecita products to change my hair into something else! It was a savior! Anyway, we drove from Santa Ana to the Joshua Tree and it was so much fun to see this side of California. I like small and quaint towns with old saloons and antique shops. We got to see and hang out at a few that I want to go back to when I get the chance. Hanging out with the Suavecita crew was inspiring because of the bond they all share. They are a very genuine and family oriented business truly dedicated to bringing high quality hair/makeup products and apparel to the world whilst spreading awareness of their beautiful Mexican culture. I LOVE their lipsticks, their tees, and their hair products. How else do you think I am able to hide my bangs when I do? It didn’t really seem like work to model for them because Thalia and I had so much fun rocking the new lip colors and hair products. It was also fun to pose with and drive the amazing classic cars. I loved spending time with Thalia because we have always adored each other. She’s one of the more underrated pinups out there with style to DIE for. You guys NEED to follow her (@D_rose_). She’s also a boss lady in the beauty biz who is constantly on her grind. It made sense that we were chosen to cause trouble together at the Joshua Tree. We were the perfect dynamic duo! See images of our adventure inside!rt1_2048x2048 rt3_2048x2048 suavecita-spring-3suavecita-road-trip-7 suavecita-road-trip-10 suavecita-road-trip-11 suavecita-road-trip-12 suavecita-road-trip-14 suavecita-spring-13 suavecita-road-trip-18 suavecita-road-trip-15 suavecita-spring-17 rt7_2048x2048 suavecita-road-trip-28 suavecita-road-trip-29 suavecita-spring-27 suavecita-road-trip-19 suavecita-road-trip-20 suavecita-spring-26

Check out Suavecita to see their awesome range of hair/beauty products and apparel by clicking here.


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