Hitchhiking in heels.

The Pretty Dress Company has become one of my top 5 favorite brands to buy dresses from. The quality, fit, and styles are drool-worthy and their dresses make me feel amazing when I wear them. I know many people have a little bit of an issue with the prices but I can promise you that you get exactly what you pay for-A high quality well structured gorgeous fitting dress that will last a long time. There are so many companies out their charging an arm and leg for dresses that don’t even come close to the quality and fit of Pretty Dress Company. I happen to have this silhouette in 4 different prints (Have you guys seen my last TPDC post?) and can honestly say they are some of the best pieces in my wardrobe. I also have the circle skirt version of this dress in a powder blue that I absolutely cannot wait to wear before it gets too cold. Until then, I want to bask in the glory of this Fatale Hot Pink Lux crepe pencil dress. This gorgeous pink color gives me life! I love that I can pair it with my vintage leopard faux fur stole, Legacy Works silver hoop earrings, pink Polaroid cat eye sunglasses, and patent leather accessories for a Barbie feel. I also wore a vintage lucite pink bangle I bought at Savers for $2. Though I love me some Barbie, I was really inspired by Elsa Schiaparelli when I accessorized this dress. I happen to have a vintage hat box that caught my eye while getting dressed that inspired me to contrast with black! And well, the leopard came later when I realized leopard and hot pink are the perfect combo. The color looks different from the images on the site because there is a vintage Vsco filter on these images. It’s not as hot pink as you see here. I also wore my vintage Schiaparelli hat box as a purse because you know I live for fashion-drama. Added one of my vintage pink suitcases for an outfit post and voila! Special thanks to my friend Daniel for capturing my outfits so beautifully! He just gets me!


Dress: The Pretty Dress Company

Shoes: Pleaser

Sunglasses: Polaroid

Belt: Pinup Girl Clothing

Earrings: Legacy Works

Bangle: Vintage

Leopard Stole: Vintage

Suitcase/hat box: Vintage


If you are ever in Las Vegas, Book Daniel for a shoot! Click here to see his work.


4 Comments on “Hitchhiking in heels.

  1. Stunning!!!
    As far as the prices go, let’s not forget that all their clothes are made in the UK, and not in Asia by underpaid women and girls with no rights. We should support that.

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