My favorite Retro Pants & Capris!


I always get messages and comments from you dolls on where to find retro style pants and capris for curvy shapes and now I am here to deliver! The great thing about the styles I am about to show you is that they work with ALL body types! I know it’s just harder for the curvier girls to find vintage pants that fit so I had to make it my duty to show you all some of MY favorites since Fall and Winter are just around the corner!


Bernie Dexter has to be my most favorite out of the brands I am listing. I love her stretch denim capri pants and jeans, her printed capris, and her lurex pants which all fit me like a dream and are comfortable too! I love pants I don’t have to alter!

I wear the top and bottom denim capri pants ALL the time. They are so comfy!de13408b33661182434036188ac4c41dtumblr_o12ir2uTeb1u6u3lko1_1280

This lurex set comes in both gold and silver and the material is stretchy! Gotta love stretch lurex!wDSC02112_53071fb9-5ca1-48d2-91a8-23e126ea5afd_1024x1024Love her printed capris. This is one of my favorite prints from her collection.

5d6fe3e309c4edd7f37f89c9039c287aId say these are my favorite from her collection judging by how much I wear them (at LEAST once a week). These are her Skinny Minnie jeans.


4373_main These are my favorite Pinup Girl Clothing Capris and they come in 4-5 colors and go up to a 3XL.capri-pants-in-cool-mint-pinup-girl-clothing-1404959897cp84l They work for both slim and curvy girls! Some of them are actually on sale on the website right now too!

dl-cig-n-dm_02Like Bernie Dexter, PUG also has denim cigarette pants. These are great too, however, be careful when you wash them because they DO bleed. They say after a few washes this isn’t an issue but I beg to differ. Regardless, they fit so well I just deal with it. These also come in red, black, and tiger print.

8817_1If you are going for a more 1940s look than the Doris pants are a killer choice. These comfy pants are my favorite. I currently own these in both Olive and Black and plan to wear them all Fall and Winter.


4236372_551329_10151293617579327_1740293463_nSpeaking of 1940s, Tara Starlet does a MEAN pair of 1940s style trousers. I have these in gray tweed and they fit AMAZING. Not sure if she has them out now but its worth following her line to see if she re-releases them come Fall.


06_rsa0319s_PBelieve it or not, American Apparel makes a dope 1940s pant. They just have shitty styling in their catalogue images. I have these pants in about 5 colors and I wear them like this..IMG_7187

As you can see, with the right styling, these pants can transform into perfect 1940s trousers.


They also have 1940s style Palazzo pants but these are sheer. I’d definitely wear these on the beach though. I have them in white.


This post is based solely on my own experience/collection of pants, capris, and trousers. As for other companies who make really great bottoms, I can’t really speak for them. However, if you know of any I should add to this list that fit great and look great, feel free to let me know! I love finding out about other great brands that make great clothing for women of all sizes.

Thank you for tuning in and happy shopping!


4 Comments on “My favorite Retro Pants & Capris!

  1. LOVE your styling! I would like to add that the Freddie of Pinewood make some killer jeans! They fit amazing!

  2. I love Bernie’s pants too. You should check out Tarantula Clothing. I love their Sex Kitten Capris, I literally have them in every color.

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