A glamorous evening as, Princess Jasmin.


Everybody knows, Saturday at Viva Las Vegas is the day you sport your hottest evening attire. It’s actually my favorite night to attend Viva because I get to see so many gorgeous gals in their sparkling vintage cocktail dresses. I was super stoked to finally wear my vintage style sari dress by @RedheadsVintage. I had been searching for a vintage one for ages and decided to just cave and get a brand new one made. However, the fabric may be vintage so this piece may still have a little history. Regardless, It was super fun to wear and though I wasn’t planning on channeling Princess Jasmin, the top photo above begs to differ. Canadian babes, Nisaan and Kassandra look like Belle and Aurora and I happen to look like Princess Jasmin lololol! I love happy accidents haha. Princess Jasmin is one of my favorite Disney princesses too so I was totally cool with this haha. Anyway, I wore my vintage leucite springolators and some beautiful Indian jewelry I bought back in NY years ago to match my dress. For a purse I wore a vintage gold clutch to match the gold accents on the dress. I wish I could have gotten better outfit shots but I was too busy meeting and greeting everyone that I only got to take a few. I love that I am able to see my friends from all over the world in one place during Viva. These nights are always unforgettable.

IMG_9676 My only real outfit shot. Thanks mom! hahaIMG_9678 My sister looked amazing as well in her Bernie Dexter dress, Kate Spade purse, and Schutz shoes.IMG_9667 Disney Princesses!IMG_9668Miss Lil Bit won miss VLV and my mom got a cute shot of her looking gorgeous as per usual!IMG_9656 Speaking of gorgeous, have you met Aziza? Work that beehive girl!IMG_9655 As you can see…I was surrounded by glamorous ladies all night!IMG_9653 IMG_9650 Love bumping into Elizabeth Taylor. She’s so fierce and always cracks me up!IMG_9651 Yassss, Rockwell De’vil serving us all in this ensemble!IMG_9659 So happy our friend Janelle was able to attend Viva this year. Her and my sister look so cute here!IMG_9647 More Disney Princesses!
IMG_9646One of my favorite princesses is my friend Rhiannon. She’s such a gem.IMG_9664 And sometimes in the midst of all the gorgeous Disney Princesses, you also meet a prince. 😉

Good times? Absolutely.

3 Comments on “A glamorous evening as, Princess Jasmin.

  1. I love it!! I have the blue dress just shorter … I love the long version though!

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