The VLV Car Show


It was the day of the VLV Car Show and I was ready to see all of the amazing classic cars and shop at the cool vendors. It was scorching hot so I may have chosen the wrong outfit as I was practically dying all day haha. However, It was certainly one of my favorite outfits of Viva. I wore a vintage 1960s floral print dress with a matching vintage straw hat, my Christian Lacroix lace up heels, my favorite vintage cat eye glasses, and an adorable wicker pig purse my friend gifted me from Mexico. It was such a fun outfit despite it being so hot outside haha. Since I was exhausted from the day before I decided to do a quick happy pompadour hair style that worked well with the hat. It was a really awesome day at the Car Show with my mom, sister, and my friends Janelle and Rhiannon. I also got to meet many of you so that was a major plus!  The cars were incredible. I wish I could include all of the images we shot of the cars but then this would be a ridiculously long post and I try not to do those anymore haha. I had to separate this post into two so I will be posting my evening outfit in my next post. In the meantime, checkout all of the awesome photos we took of our day!

IMG_9633 I love wearing the color red!IMG_9627 IMG_9640 IMG_9642 IMG_9624 Wish I could wear this outfit every day! hahaIMG_9618 Car Show!IMG_9526Good to see some of my favorite people soon as we walked into the car show! Angelique, Doris, and Anthony of His Vintage Touch. Anthony is a hair-GENIUS that specializes in vintage hairstyles so of course he did the hair of these gorgeous gals. Lovely right? He’s the best of the best!
IMG_9606 Can I haz this?IMG_9549 How cute is my lil sis! I love her Ice Cream themed outfit and look at her shoes!…IMG_9598 So cute!IMG_9596 IMG_9592 IMG_9568 Got to see some familiar pretty faces from NY at the car show too!IMG_9552 My babes!IMG_9591 IMG_9556My mom is such a cutie!IMG_9586 IMG_9583 IMG_9581 IMG_9545 Glad to have gotten a shot of Kayla (@AussiePlusSizeBarbie). She’s such a doll!IMG_9573 IMG_9543 Fun candid shot of the contestants for Miss VLV 2016! They all look so lovely!IMG_9533 I need this car and a boyfriend so we can cause a ruckus together ;).IMG_9524 Ran into this pretty lady (Darby!) while shopping at the vendors.IMG_9523And as I was leaving I ran into these babes! Raquel Reed, Elizabeth Taylor, and Megan!

Good times!

2 Comments on “The VLV Car Show

  1. Fabulous outfit! And not to mention shots of other fabulous gals and cars too!

    I hope to one day make it to VLV! It’s a joy to see photos, but I can only imagine how fun it is in person!

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