Golden girl

Vivien of Holloway has become one of my absolute favorite retro brands for their gorgeous dresses and separates. I get a thrill every time I add one of their pieces to my wardrobe like this gorgeous gold leaf printed halter sarong dress with the matching Bolero. Not only is it sexy but its comfortable too! I love dresses that have matching boleros because I have lots of keloid scars on my back. Most of the time I don’t mind having them seen but its nice to have an option for the days I don’t feel so hot. However, I don’t think its even possible to feel “not so hot” in a dress like this. I mean, its gorgeous! I felt fabulous! I love that sarong dresses don’t exactly suffocate your hips as much as wiggle dresses do but you still get that hourglass shape. I wish I could buy them all as this VOH dress comes in a variety of colors and patterns but least I got my hands on this one! I wore it while shopping the other day before having drinks with my friends at Frankie’s Tiki Bar. I kept my accessories simple since the dress has a busy pattern so I just wore my patent black mules, vintage gold hoop earrings, some bamboo bangles, a wicker clutch, and a cute vintage pineapple brooch. I was in my element!

Images by DMR Depictions

Good times!

6 Comments on “Golden girl

  1. Oh. My. God. You are always absolute perfection and elegance.

    In addition to that….I pray to the almighty vintage gods that you will someday bestow upon us a hair tutorial for this look!!!

    Orrrrrrrrrrrrrr you could just come by my apartment and teach me how to do it in person! Granted I’m on the east coast but you can think of it as community service because you would be helping out a fellow NY’er.

    But really even if neither of those options are a possibility….I’m relieved to see a beautiful female keeping it classy. You are a work of art in every way. 🙂

  2. Love the dress. How would you compare the fit and construction of this sarong dress to pug’s sarong dresses?

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