Roses are red..

I discovered The Pretty Dress Company last year and have been enamored with their gorgeous dresses ever since. Their elegant selection of dresses are enough to make any woman swoon (guys too, apparently!). I especially love that their dresses compliment the silhouettes of curvy girls like myself. I swear, I haven’t seen their dresses look bad on any shape or size. Go on, just take a look at their instagram @theprettydress. You will see tons of great images from all of their customers who are all shapes and sizes.

I recently got my hands on a few of their dresses and nearly fainted when I got them in the mail. The ever-so-enchanting Fatale Cream Pencil Skirt dress I am wearing here at Green Valley Ranch is my absolute favorite (it was hard to choose though!). It’s a romantic piece and certainly a wonderful part of my dress collection. I now feel like I need it in black in both the pencil fit and the circle skirt style. I have to also rave about the high quality of their fabrics and design. Lord only knows I hate when companies dress up faulty products you end up being disappointed with once you get it in the mail. I can assure you that you get exactly what you pay for with Pretty Dress; high quality gorgeous dresses. I wore this stunning dress all day and was super comfortable and I can’t tell you how amazing it made me feel just wearing it. I love it when clothing has that effect on people.

It was an easy dress to accessorize despite being a show stopper. Sometimes an extravagant piece can be hard to style around but this one was fun. I created my own floral arrangement with bobby pins to match the roses on the dress, wore pearl earrings and bangles, and my candy apple red Christian Louboutin shoes. My clutch was also adorned with pearls but I forgot to take a photo of it.

So happy I got to capture the true essence of this dress thanks to Daniel of DMR Depictions.

We always know how to turn a normal day into a fun photo shoot!

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