Groovy baby


It was that time again..Viva Las Vegas. Only, this time was a little different. My sister came and got to see what VLV was all about and I was so happy to have shared that experience with her and see it inspire her like it inspired me 8 years ago. I was complete again. My mom and sister were with me and I couldn’t have been happier.

But before all of that jazz. I decided to take my mother and sister to one of my favorite spots in Las Vegas, The Green Valley Ranch pool. It was a great way to relax before all of the VLV festivities. It was also the perfect day to debut one of my reworked vintage designs. This psychedelic printed three-piece was once a frumpy 2 piece set in a size 16 (I am a size 2/4!). I saw it, recognized the potential, took one of my old patterns I created years ago and had my seamstress turn it into a crop top and high-waisted palazzo pants with a matching turban that was made out of the left over fabric. I have to admit, I was afraid to wear it because this is something I want to design in the future. Hopefully no one will steal the design but if there is anything I have learned its that most designers have no loyalty to anyone. But hey, innovators never run out of ideas and Ive got plenty. So regardless, I wasn’t going to let this one rot away in my closet like most of my other designs I am afraid of wearing.

I want to start a clothing line. I have to start small. However, every time I get those gears turning I somehow get stuck. I can’t explain it. I feel like I’m paralyzed. The result is that I end up putting it off because I somehow convince myself that “maybe I am just not ready”. But who is ever really ready? If not now than when? I hope I am able to fully commit to this goal now that I am settled into my new place. This is why I haven’t posted in a while. Moving is a motherfucker and takes up so much of your time and energy. Now its time to focus on my other goals. If you guys have any tips on keeping the motivation alive, I am all ears. Though most of you treat me like I am a teacher, I am most certainly still the student and always willing to learn.

IMG_9371 IMG_9334Green Valley Pool is one of my favorite hidden gems of Las Vegas. It has one of the most beautiful pools I have ever seen. The landscaping is a dream too.IMG_9327 This top was a long box fit before I added a waist band, cuffs, and a back zipper. I had my seamstress mimic one of my old self-made patterns to create this design. I then used the scrap to create a turban.IMG_9331 It’s definitely one of my favorite outfits to date. Most people cringe at palazzo pants. I embrace them.IMG_9340 I kept the color scheme consistent by pairing this outfit with my turquoise Kate Spade purse..IMG_9343 ..My Legacy Works hoop earrings by Elizabeth Taylor, and some cute sunnies I found at Buffalo Exchange earlier that day.IMG_9344 I also wore vintage clear bangles and some awesome vintage leucite heels I purchased at Savers a few weeks before.IMG_9359This is my little sister. She grew up way too fast. Can’t believe she’s running around in an Agent Provocateur bikini! Mine is by Playful Promises.IMG_9326


Love you both to the moon and back.

Good times ❤

9 Comments on “Groovy baby

  1. I love that you’re so close to your family. Thanks for sharing your journeys with us all. Good luck on your clothing line. Hope you make some button down shirts for men. There aren’t too many good ones out there. Just saying. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    This outfit is so gorgeous…I am almost speechless, and that never happens to a chatter box like me. I would love to see your designs in pieces to buy. You have a fabulous talent and should go for it. You look amazing and as always, the photos are killer.

  3. Love the outfit! Good luck on your clothing line journey & I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  4. Check out the TED talk “Lesson’s from fashion’s free culture – Johanna Blakely.”

  5. You look utterly fabulous! Go for what you want. If we waited until we were ready we’d never get anything done…

  6. I’m with you I love palazzo pants. You look amazing . I adore the swimsuits. Follow your dreams, launch your line, there will be plenty of us that would buy….

  7. Looks gorgeous as always. Do it, start that line. And please make stuff for big gals like me.
    When I lose my motivation at the salon, or with my poetry I remotivate by giving myself a full day away from it, then the next day I remind myself that this is something I love and want, and remind myself why. Then I’ll do something to re inspire. I have been burnt out on everything lately. So monday, I went to a hair show which really made me remember why I still want to do hair. Then, I took on a new challenge, I offered a freebie for the opportunity to do something fun on someone’s hair. I feel really renewed now.
    Just dive in. You have spent years preparing for this moment. Don’t worry about success or failure, because I have found through experience that either is a good thing, my succeses are stepping stones my failures were not really failures but learning experiences. My only regrets were when I let fear hold me back.


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