Spring Florals!


It was Easter and all I wanted to do was have an awesome brunch with friends dressed to the nines in Spring florals and that’s exactly what I did. I had a wonderful brunch at one of my favorite breakfast & brunch spots in downtown Las Vegas called EAT. If you are ever in Vegas, you have to check them out. The only issue I have with them is that they close at 2pm which is kind of strange but I guess that’s why there is always a line around the block. I recently went on a date there too ;). Anyway, I was in the Easter spirit so I wore the Birdie dress by Pinup Girl Clothing. I LOVE the color turquoise so I had to have this dress. It also matches my Christian Louboutin shoes and new Kate Spade purse. I also wore some cool vintage flower earrings that matched the dress as well. My friend Crystal also got dolled up in a cute popsicle dress and borrowed by vintage hat. She also wore an amazing vintage wicker purse (you guys know how crazy I am about wicker purses). She’s so gorgeous and one of my best friends here in Vegas. Not really sure what I’d do without her. It was a really awesome day.

IMG_4808 Pulled my bangs back for this look. Sometimes I need a break from Bangs you know? I used Suavecita Pomade of course.
IMG_4788 My Ace @subculture_vulture!FullSizeRender 2Isn’t she a doll?!

Good times! XO

3 Comments on “Spring Florals!

  1. I love the Birdie dress – I have the lavender colourwar and am shortly buying two other colourways.

  2. I always enjoy your posts. This stays my favorite fashion blog. I like how you mash up different styles and don’t allow yourself to be boxed in by other peoples style rules. I appreciate that your blog has not turned into one of those boring generic blogs. We may not always take the time to comment but your followers love your unique style and how you allow us a glimpse into not only your wardrobe but your personality. I have been stuck home sick and took the time to go back to old posts and all the clothes, adventures, etc cheered me up.

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