Pastel Paradise

IMG_4541I know I am a little late in posting. These past few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind and I am very behind on everything. The good news is that I have tons of new material to share with you that I will be publishing like rapid fire. Anyway, I don’t like to miss a beat when it comes to my posts so here’s a short post about what I wore Easter weekend. I always love it when Spring comes around and I can bust out my colorful ensembles like this awesome turquoise NYE print Bernie Dexter dress. I know it wasn’t new years but I didn’t care, the print is very versatile. The print is gorgeous and the fit is amazing and gosh its such a comfortable dress. I love that I had accessories to match too. Sometimes I have a hard time with accessories because I am such a perfectionist. I wore a vintage pink hair scarf I got at the Glam Factory, pearl earrings I was gifted, pearl bangles, a pink Kate Spade purse, and some pink mules I purchased from Pinup Girl Clothing. I also wore a cute vintage turquoise Angora sweater I purchased at Amberjoy’s Vintage Closet. It was one of those perfect and comfortable outfits for an awesome thrift shopping day out with my friends.IMG_4534For my hair, I wore a fake 60s bun (tutorial coming soon) and kept it simple with a hair scarf.


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