Ohhh Black Betty Ram a lam.

I always say..An outfit is nothing without great accessories and good hair and since I’ve got the hair part in the bag I have been working on my accessories game. I have tons of vintage baubles but also like to add some newer pieces to my collection so when I discovered Glitter Paradise..well..I was in paradise. I first fell in love with her John Willie collection of vintage bondage babes and then she came out with a Barbie collection that had my head spinning. I recently got my hands on one of her Betty Brosmer brooches and was so inspired I created an outfit around it! I wore the brooch with my pug striped Jail Bird top, Laura Byrnes shorts, Mak sweater, and vintage accessories. I felt like Betty Brosmer, the Boriqua version of course and with a much larger waist haha. I can’t wait to add more pieces to my collection!
Didn’t have any good pics of me with my shoes, sorry folks!

Visit Glitter Paradise to see her amazing accessories by clicking here. ❤

6 Comments on “Ohhh Black Betty Ram a lam.

  1. Vandal you rock too much!!!! ^^
    Could someone rock the Betty Brosmer Brooch better?! no mam
    I can’t wait to see more Glitters on you either, thank u so much U gorgeous thing ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. I love the title of this post!!! That top appeals to my deep seated love of stripes, too. XO

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