Cherry wine

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There are always cool socials and events in my neighborhood that require you to get dressed up to the nines and I love that because back in the 1950s, no one needed a reason to dress up, they just did. As much as I love NY and the fashion you see on the streets of Manhattan, I still felt limited because I  still always felt overdressed when I went to events. Here there are cocktail parties almost every weekend where men wear their dapper suits and women wear their evening dresses and no one feels uncomfortable or overdressed. Anyway, so the other night I wore the “Lillian” dress from Tatyana. It’s a more simple style than I am used to but I was in a mega rush and the color is what dragged me in. It’s an iridescent red and has a lot of potential when accessorizing. I am realizing more and more that bold colors look great on my skin tone and that I should wear more reds, greens, yellows, and royal blues. For this dress, I added black contrasts with a black jumbo pearl necklace, a black bow Tatyana belt, vintage gloves, a Betsey Johnson  beaded clutch, and my pleaser mules. Then I put my hair up into a simple pigtail and ran off to the party. See images inside of my complete outfit.

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Images by DMR Depictions


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