Madame Merlot

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I have been wearing Tatyana a lot lately because I attended one of their annual sample sales. I basically bought everything haha, including this “Merlot” dress. If you haven’t been to one of their sample sales, you are totally missing out! I bought lots of great Tatyana pieces and found some RAD vintage pieces as well.

Back to this dress..I am IN LOVE. One of my favorite colors is burgundy or “ox blood” as most elitist fashionistas would call it. Whatever, its burgundy, and I wear tons of it for both Fall and Winter. So when I came across the Merlot dress from Tatyana, I just had to have it. I love the transparent peek-a-boo knitted top and the thick high-waisted skirt. This dress is pretty warm despite having a transparent top so I was able to wear it all day without feeling uncomfortable. I wore it with my Pleaser mules, Kate Spade purse, cat eye sunglasses, and some vintage gold accessories. It was perfect for the cocktail event I went to later that night. See more images inside!
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Images by DMR Depictions.


9 Comments on “Madame Merlot

  1. Girl! You can sell me anything. Love the dress, bag, shades and that beautiful hair of yours. That dress is such a lovely color too. Makes me wish I was young again with that body.

  2. Gah…that is gorgeous! For some reason, I am never too intrigued when I visit their website but when I see the dresses on gals, I think, “I need that. I need this…and that!”

  3. As always you look stunning! That color is definitely meant for you.
    P.S. I wish I would have been able to take advantage of the Tatyana sale. 😦

  4. How much give is there in the waist on this one? Looking for fit guidance. I’m between S and M on Tatyana’s general size chart.

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