Jazz of the Jungle.


On this day I had a shoot scheduled with Desert Companion Magazine at Stardust Vintage. So of course, naturally, I went dressed to the nines (as if I don’t do this every day anyway lol). It’s a feature about how I vintage/thrift shop and what kinds of things I look for so I am pretty excited for when it is published and launched around Las Vegas. Stardust Vintage is a really great vintage/antique store so I am also excited to bring more vintage-lovers like myself their way.

The photographer shot me in this awesome pink room they have in the back of the shop where the vintage clothing and negligee is displayed. It has gorgeous painted glass windows and a giant red heart area so I modeled in front of that. I wore the “Vickie” dress from Tatyana, a vintage leopard pillbox hat I bought years ago at a Goodwill, a matching vintage leopard shawl/bakelite earrings I purchased at Glam Factory, and leopard Christian Louboutin shoes. I love animal prints, especially leopard, and wow does leopard look great with the color green. I realize I should definitely wear green more often as the color suits me well. I really can’t wait to play with prints and bold colors all Spring. The year has just begun and I can already say this is one of my favorite outfits! I hope you like it too. Check out the full outfit inside!

9332 10a mod 9298 revert 9317 10a mod


Photographs by DMRDepictions.


9 Comments on “Jazz of the Jungle.

  1. This is beautiful. You have definitely given me good ideas. You are definitely a vintage glam doll. Thank you.

  2. You look like the queen of the jungle! And I bow down to the glamour you represent! You’re gorgeous doll, just gorgeous! Can’t wait to read the article.

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