Paris in Town Square

DSCF4819For years I have searched for the perfect puffer coat. I finally came across a cool one about 5 years ago by Marios Schwab but it was out of my budget. It was worth the wait because, finally, years later, I discovered Ginger Jackie Tailor Shop and her FABULOUS puffer coats (and clothing!) thanks to one of my favorite stylish lady’s on instagram, Amanda of Butchwax Vintage. Ginger Jackie had the most beautiful puffer coat I had ever seen that embodied my style completely (I love anything unconventional!). It was sleek, chic, and not bulky and weird-looking like most puffer coats and she designed it in both red and in black. Of course I had a hard time choosing which color I wanted but went with the red since it was a more bold choice. However, I plan to buy the black too after witnessing the quality and warmth of my red one. It is seriously one of my most favorite pieces in my wardrobe and I get stopped everywhere when I wear it. The other day I sported it around Town Square in a very Parisian-like-manner and shot some images. Check them out inside to see how I styled my new favorite coat.

crop DSCF4818 DSCF4830

Coat: Ginger Jackie Tailor Shop

Boots: Unknown

Hat: Kling

Muff: Vintage


7 Comments on “Paris in Town Square

  1. What an amazing coat!! It’s so lovely! I got excited to find ANY winter coat in a swing skirt style – but this seems like the holy grail!

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