Dazzle with my Uncommon Goods Xmas Wishlist!


Christmas and New Years Eve is right around the corner and this is the time of year where we all drive ourselves crazy buying gifts for everyone whilst looking for the perfect NYE outfit. This is no easy task but I say, why not do both?

I like unique things and I like to give unique gifts and I often find that when I am shopping for others, I always end up finding something I like for myself. Yup, it’s a double edge sword haha. However, I can’t see any harm in buying a little something for yourself after you have successfully completed your list of people to gift this Xmas. Hell, I think the end of the year is a perfect time to treat yourself for surviving waking up at 8am every morning for work, getting stuck in traffic, ditching that guy who made you unhappy, and having to pay your student loans. This is why I have compiled a Christmas wish list via Uncommon Goods. This is one of my favorite places to shop for unique art, designer decor, handcrafted gifts, and Jewelry (some of which you can even personalize!). It doesn’t hurt that everything you find at Uncommon Goods is created in harmony with the environment without harm to animals or people.

Uncommon Goods is a B Corporation which means they use the power of Business to solve social and environmental issues. I find that highly respectable and I think its great that they provide a platform for artists and designers to showcase their work whilst helping them improve and develop their business. This is why I choose to shop from them. They have a well curated online shop full of great gifts for you and yours. I was recently on their website Xmas shopping for jewelry (because you can’t go wrong with gifting women jewelry for Xmas) when I came across a few pieces I loved that reminded me of one of my favorite glamazons, Hedy Lamarr. I had to bookmark my favorites so I could come back to them when I was ready to gift myself haha. She is always such a huge inspiration for me at the end of every year because I am reminded of her gorgeous dazzling starburst couture outfit in the image above. I even had a friend make me a star headpiece last year for NYE because I was so inspired. Since I know many of you who follow me love that classic Hollywood glamour, I have compiled an Xmas wish list from Uncommon Goods that embodies just that. This way you can gift a friend, or gift yourself with some of the best unique pieces that are sure to make you and yours dazzle this Holiday season. Check out my favorites by clicking below.

[Click images for links]

My lucky Stars Necklace

22302_lg2This ocean-inspired necklace represents mother and children through large and small gold starfish but you can stack them for that Hedy Lamarr look above.


Lucky Stars Bracelet


Charm bracelets have made a huge come back and they are the perfect gifts. This one looks great with the Lucky Stars necklace for a gorgeous NYE look as well.


My Lucky Stars Earrings


40230_lg3 40230_lg4

..And if you like to match your earrings to your bracelet or necklace, how cool are these? I love when jewelry designers think outside the box. These can be worn a number of different ways! What a great gift idea or perfect NYE accent piece to complete an outfit!


Vine Gold Dipped Lace Necklace


How gorgeous is this gold dipped lace necklace? What a wonderful idea and a perfect gift for the grecian goddess in you and yours!


Vine Gold Dipped Lace Bracelet


Why not get a matching cuff to compliment your necklace?


Wisteria Gold Dipped Lace Earrings


Or how about letting your earrings be the statement piece of your NYE wardrobe? And who doesn’t like being gifted such ornate earrings for Christmas?


Vine Gold Dipped Lace Ring


A ring is a simple yet great gift idea for someone you love. Make it a gift, make it a promise, make it a part of your outfit this holiday season.


Vine Gold Dipped Lace Head Piece


This gold dipped lace headpiece is gorgeous and such an amazing piece you can wear or gift someone for Xmas. Kinda hard to gift it when you want it too isn’t it haha?


Pedestal Jewelry Holder


..And if you/your loved one has way too much jewelry…Another great gift is a Jewelry holder. I speak for all women when I say it is always necessary to have a jewelry holder and if you or your loved one does not have one yet, you totally should! This one holds your rings, trinkets, and earrings.


Gilded Branches Jewelry Tree


..And if you have lots of necklaces, this gorgeous Gilded Branches tree necklace holder takes care of that for you.


See the rest of the Uncommon Goods Jewelry selections by clicking here.

Uncommon goods supports Non-profit organizations like RAINN, American Forests, Women for Women International, and City Harvest. If you could shop anywhere for Christmas or any other time for that matter, I would shop from a place that has a respectable reputation for being a positive influence on the world.

Head on over to Uncommon Goods now to see their other selections of amazing gifts for you and yours by clicking here.


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