Tara Starlet does 1960s Glam!

yellowcoat-modshotTara Starlet is one of my favorite retro brands, HANDS DOWN. In my opinion she’s one of very few retro brands bringing a new creative spin on 1950s & 60s style. The bold colors, the styling, the fit, I can go on and on. She has a keen eye for fashion and is producing pieces that speak to my soul as someone who likes to add a more creative and experimental touch to my own retro style. Tara recently released a 1960s inspired collection that features pieces everyone needs in their closet RIGHT NOW. The jumbo yellow coat, the high-waisted plaid palazzo pant, the fuchsia wiggle dress, and the pink swing coat are all such incredible 1960s staples fit for Fall, Winter, and even Spring. And guess what, it’s all on sale right now for a limited time! Such a versatile collection deserves praise and I can’t wait to see what she cooks up next season. See some of my favorite pieces inside.White-Jo-Shirt-Mod-Shot Victory-Trousers-Tartan-Mod-Shot Tiffany_s-dress-pink-mod-shot_3ba7f5a2-592a-46cb-b75e-3c3f659516a6 Tiffany_s-Dress-Black-Mod-Shot tartancapris-mod-shot Sweetheart-Prom-Dress-Navy-Modshot Sweetheart-Prom-Dress-Modshot Silver-Capris-Mod-Shot Polkadot-Jo-Shirt-Mod-Shot PEGGYdress-modshot_ba6b59dc-d2ac-4690-b9ae-3a45afafd459 miniskirtGingham-modshot maydress-modshot floralpencilskirt-modshot DR33-bubbles-modshot DR2Da-Molly-BurntOrange-modshot A-line-Skirt-Modshot VanessaCoat-modshot
Visit Tarastarlet.com and get your shop on!


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