How to achieve the perfect Bettie Page waves

You guys have been asking me for YEARS to do tutorials and I have tried a number of times but really didn’t have the courage to complete one until now. I may not be camera-shy but I am definitely video shy and you can tell in the very beginning of this video that I am nervous haha. I also didn’t know how to properly shoot or edit video until now. Alas, I bought a cool camera, the Fujifilm Finepix X100, and spent the last month learning how to use it so I can take great photos for my blog and film great tutorials. It was difficult considering I was used to my Nikon and Canon T3i but I eventually got the hang of things. I still have a lot I need to learn but I think for my very first tutorial, I did pretty well. I’m sure my next tutorials will be even better because I learned so much filming and editing this one. I will be creating a convenient tab on my menu so you can access all of my video tutorials. They won’t be just about hair but makeup and style as well. Anyway, I hope this video has been helpful for all of you ladies who want the perfect Bettie Page hair and I hope that you enjoy it as well. Below are some of my recent photos of me in this particular hair style.

11820478_638961799580212_1559052105_n 12135361_837235519708357_1434539943_n 11352397_407416789458411_1688947236_n11429700_1649007288678761_70755762_n

I am no expert but I will say the more you practice the better you will get.

I strongly suggest taking classes by the master of retro hair @hisvintagetouch. Give him a follow so you can see what I mean. He teaches so many really cool hairstyles I still don’t know how to do. Check him out if you are in the California area, he also tours regularly!


10 Comments on “How to achieve the perfect Bettie Page waves

  1. So happy you overcame your shyness to do this for your fans! It’s just what my hair Dr. ordered 🙂

  2. HOWWWWW in the good god of all that is planet life, do you achieve those bettie bangs? I also have bettie bangs, but my hair is pin straight, and my hair isn’t as thick as yours. I have to curl them and hairspray it to even come close. 😦

  3. Love the video. You seem so down to earth. Sometimes it is easy to forget that popular fashion/beauty bloggers are just regular people.

  4. I really 💜 this style.

    #BettiePageBangs #BettiepageWaves

    Are LIFE 💜💜💜💜💋

  5. Adorable. Even shy you have a a great enegry. Love your blogs. Keep rockin’ it!

  6. This was amazing a much more quick and effective way of creating Bettie page waves than I was origanlly taught

    Thank you for showing us

  7. Lucky lady, your hair is gorgeous & you have mastered that do.
    Thanks for the tutorial!

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