That New York Girl

VINTAGEVANDAL_268_LROne of the highlights of my last trip to New York was shooting with Erika (@riot_red) of @haguenyc. I normally just shoot with the same photographers most of the time because I happen to have some really talented friends but Erika was an exception after seeing the work she did with my Aunt and her children (who happen to be extremely stylish). Her work is a breath of fresh air and not the same boring Street Fashion stuff I see all the time. Sorry, but its the truth. She manages to shoot the most fashionably creative people all the time and I am honored she wanted to shoot me too. We only had 2 hours (if that!) of sunlight after our busy schedules but we made it work and shot two different looks in my hometown, Queens. One look was a vintage two-piece polka dot set I bought at Buffalo Exchange just the day before. We shot it in front of a wall graffitied by Queen Andrea. The other was a two-piece tiger printed Deadly Dames set I had been itching to wear that we shot by a tennis court by my mothers house. All of these images will serve as memories someday of the place I grew up in now that I reside in Las Vegas. They are so special to me. See inside.VINTAGEVANDAL_279_LRVINTAGEVANDAL_263_LRVINTAGEVANDAL_83_LRVINTAGEVANDAL_69_LRVINTAGEVANDAL_86_LR


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