3I’ve got a major sweet tooth for Fatally Feminine Designs jewelry. As a lover of all things sweet and tasty, I just couldn’t resist getting my hands on some of Aubree’s delicious handcrafted jewelry. From cotton candy earrings to mint chocolate chip ice-cream, the girl makes it all and everything is crafted to perfection. I happen to own the mint chocolate chip ice-cream earrings and necklace and can’t express enough how incredibly detailed they are. I get a sweet tooth just talking about them! I also have her colorful french macaroon bracelet and matching macaroon earrings that are absolutely delightful. I mean, what is it about us girls and our love for all things sweet, colorful, and cute? I’ve already wore my FFD pieces to death and they still look brand spankin new. That’s quality for ya. I have my eye on a few of her other pieces and plan to keep adding to my collection. I find all of her pieces to be completely irresistible!
See photos of my pieces and how I styled them inside!
FullSizeRender6_MG_4283_MG_4274FullSizeRender copy_MG_41722_MG_4189Images by Theresa Taylor Photography.

Visit the Fatally Feminine Designs Shop to get your hands on some delicious pieces!


6 Comments on “Delicious!

  1. Hello vintage vandalizm!! Love the style! I wanted to ask your where did u get that padtel colored outfit ! Lov . It!!

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