PUG goes to Japan (Day 3&4)!

IMG_7374It was our last two days in Japan shooting for “World’s Amazing People” via Fuji TV and for day 3 we had another early call time since we would be visiting Mt.Fuji, a mall, a theme park, and a gorgeous hotel before heading to Narita. I was excited to see Mt.Fuji and had a little bit of fun exploring the mall near by where I got to see some cool shops and get some last-minute souvenirs for my family while the cast were shooting. Amazon Eve needed to dress warm so I didn’t get to dress her in Pinup Girl Clothing but we made the best of it by doing a cute little impromptu photo shoot at our hotel the next day before boarding the plane back home.IMG_7332Caught a cute little fight happening with these too in the morning. Guess who won..
IMG_7337 hahaha. adorable.IMG_7360 Jyoti and I fooling around on the bus on the way to the mall.IMG_7379 We were all delirious.IMG_7362 Probably the only real shot I got of myself. Thanks stranger!IMG_7373 Cool mini-mall pit stop where Amazon Eve got to visit another spa. I ran off with the little time I had to find souvenirs for my folks.IMG_7384 Off we go to the theme park!IMG_7389 See Mt.Fuji? What a great shot I got from the bus window.IMG_7406 This was my favorite shot. So gorgeous. Trees on the way up the hills.IMG_7410 This theme park was a little eerie and needed lots of TLC.IMG_7412 IMG_7413 IMG_7414IMG_7418 Amazon Eve was ready to shoot.IMG_7422 I was being a clown.IMG_7424 IMG_7426 The front entrance to the hotel was gorgeous. Very Zen.IMG_7427 The inside was no different.IMG_7439Hi Fishies! Love the Koi fish.
IMG_7442 Love the design of Cranes on the wall. Such a pretty bird.IMG_7445 Amazon wanted to play with the drums.IMG_7456 Producers setting up to film the cast in the hot tube.IMG_7459 IMG_7463This is Nioko, she was also one of the producers and our translator. Loved her!IMG_7446 Trees in technicolor!IMG_7461Got a glimpse of the sunset before we were off to our official hotel in Narita.
IMG_7609Here’s a glimpse of our impromptu photo shoot.IMG_7634I styled Amazon in a black Monica dress for the first look accompanied by accessories from Amber Joy’s Vintage Closet.IMG_7757For the second look I styled Amazon in the Isabelle dress, earrings from Amber Joy, and a hat of my own.IMG_7577For the 3rd look I styled Amazon in the Maria dress in blue also accompanied by accessories from Amber Joy’s Vintage Closet. That’s a wrap!IMG_7553The buffet area was gorgeous.IMG_7799Off to the airport!IMG_7852Just minutes from home, aching for my bed, I was greeted by a rainbow…and that wasn’t all..IMG_7856I came home and opened a gift Amazon gave me and it was the loveliest Geisha doll inside. It was the sweetest thing ever. She was thankful that Pug and I made her look and feel beautiful for this show and it was totally my pleasure!

Good times in Japan!


One Comment on “PUG goes to Japan (Day 3&4)!

  1. Great job on styling Amazon Eve, she looked lovely in all those dresses.

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