PUG goes to Japan (Day 2)!

IMG_7108Day 2 of Amazon Eve’s (of American Horror Story “Freakshow”) shoot with Fuji TV’s “Worlds Amazing People (ENG)” was probably the most challenging day for me as her stylist as I was on only 4 hours of sleep. I didn’t know how I was going to survive such a crazy schedule for the day but I kept my chin up and did my thing. I shot the image above as soon as I woke up and it was such a beautiful sunrise and such a great way to start my morning. I wanted to be comfortable so I just threw on a black Karen Millen sweater dress and my sneakers. I shot a quick selfie in my bathroom before heading out to see Amazon Eve for our 5am call time. Amazon wanted to be comfortable as well so I dressed her in the red Sabrina top from Pinup Girl Clothing and paired it with her jeans, brown boots, a brown belt, a colorful scarf, and her teal trench coat. I wanted to play with colors and her outfit came out perfect. I also did her hair in soft curls. She looked great! We visited lots of places on this day. So many that we ended the day at almost 12am. See all the deets inside.IMG_7015 Dressed in all black like the omen.IMG_7028 Amazon in her red Sabrina top<3  She looks so good in red!IMG_7033 Hahaha Amazon teasing one of the producers.IMG_7041 WERK.IMG_7074 The Market was our first stop.IMG_7060 Spectators gaze at these two lovely giants as they walk through the crowd.IMG_7069 Amazon and Jyoti are two peas in a pod. It’s so cute to watch! Here they are waving to their fans.IMG_7083 And shoot!IMG_7115 IMG_7079 This is my “trying not to eat everything face”IMG_7081Probably the best photo I shot in Tokyo hahahahahaha.IMG_7088Yes, I bought the magazine.IMG_7089And I bought foods too! Mmmmmm.IMG_7098Second stop was a television studio where the cast got to meet some popular Japanese actresses and actors. How cute is this photo of Amazon and Jyoti in the conference room?!IMG_7105Jyoti has the cutest hands ❤ I love her so much!IMG_7106IMG_7123Third stop…I have no idea. But I loved spotting this train on the freeway!IMG_7150This was a very quaint part of town with tons of mom and pop shops.IMG_7149Whilst Amazon was shooting I got to wonder a bit.IMG_7148IMG_7161I found the CUTEST shop!IMG_7147This guy makes custom works of art on bags, fans, clothing, and everything else you can imagine.IMG_7146And he was so sweet too! I purchased a few custom items for my friends here. It was my favorite shop I got to visit.IMG_7143Look at his cute coin purses!IMG_7152Finally got to buy souvenirs yay!IMG_7130When you walk past a crazy mirror you must take a photo with the crazy mirror, AMIRIGHT?IMG_7135There were hundreds of these gorgeous temples scattered all around Tokyo surrounded by giant skyscrapers. Shows how much they value their temples to leave them where they are without trying to bulldoze them for condos. Take notes New York!IMG_7142What a gorgeous sight! Ladies in Kimonos!IMG_7151How Lovely!IMG_7174The ladies getting a full-on makeover! So amazing!IMG_7180IMG_7183IMG_7199Cutest lady I have ever seen in a Kimono! Gorgeous Jyoti!IMG_7193WOW look at these two!IMG_7201Our last stop was a famous spa where we were all fighting our heavy eyelids. I shot this image of Amazon looking like sleeping beauty. She was so tired but she did a great job.
IMG_7202I got home at nearly 12am the next day and I was ready to pass out but not before shooting a photo of my awesome turquoise taxi!

Till day 3!


2 Comments on “PUG goes to Japan (Day 2)!

  1. All your photos came out amazing, and loved how you styled Amazon Eve in the red top. My favorite picture has to be of Amazon Eve and Jyoti in their kimonos, so beautiful.

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