PUG goes to Japan with Amazon Eve! (Day 1)

IMG_6795 YOU GUYS-I got asked to go to Japan by Pinup Girl Clothing (the company I work for) to style Amazon Eve of American Horror Story “Freak Show” for a show called “World’s Amazing People” run by Fuji Tv! It was last-minute but boy was I excited as I have always wanted to visit Japan ever since discovering the street style book “Fruits” long ago when I was a fashion major in School! It made the trip better that I would be styling a character from one of my favorite shows too! I didn’t think I would make it through the 11 hour flight but it was pretty relaxing and as soon as I got off the plane and through customs, I had a group of people stop me to ask me a few questions on film about my personal style (I looked like a mess?) but it was a great introduction to the charm of Tokyo and gosh the people were so nice. So yeah, I am on some show somewhere in Japan haha. Anyway, when I got to Tokyo it was pretty late and I was pretty jet lagged (there was nothing pretty about it) so I touched down with the crew at the hotel and K.O’d. I met Amazon Eve at the airport and she was sweet as pie and such a fierce woman so I was excited to be styling her for this show in pug goodies.IMG_6797 On the night we got to the hotel we were greeted by the hotel staff who were wearing the cutest uniform! Can I work here?IMG_6801 The hotels are pretty neat. They are super cute and all have robes and slippers and cute little condiments.IMG_6806The hotel we stayed at had a beautiful Japanese Doll Festival (Hinamatsuri) installation. Hinamatsuri is a day for families with daughters to pray for their healthy growth and happiness. These handmade small dolls (Tsuruchi Kazari) are decorated by kimono cloth pieces and all have a special meaning. Peaches are believed to ward off evil spirits, plums are symbols of chastity, red-eyed rabbits are messengers of the gods that have supernatural powers, and flowers mean beauty. Isn’t it gorgeous?IMG_6804IMG_6941 And we’re off!IMG_6870It was the first day of shooting and Amazon and I were ready to kick butt!IMG_6964Here’s the look I gave Amazon Eve for her first day of shooting. She wanted to wear her hat and scarf so I styled her around those two pieces in the Pinup Girl Clothing Lauren top in green and the Laura Byrnes trousers in black.
IMG_6960 Then I used her own accessories to complete the look. It was cold so we used her snow boots, black leather gloves, leather belt, and her leather jacket. Fabulous!IMG_6814 Worlds tallest super model with the worlds smallest man. So adorbs! He was such a character and so sweet!IMG_6820He fits in her tote!IMG_6957Ok, lets talk about Jyoti Amge also known as “Le Petite” on AHS. She was the cutest, sweetest, most adorable lady and such a ray of sunshine. Her family was also very sweet.
IMG_6955 Samantha was another person I met that was a part of the cast on this show. She is a kick-ass mom with goals. I had such a good time with them all.IMG_6958 Jyoti and Amazon are two peas in a pod. They were inseparable.<3IMG_6829 Show time!IMG_6846One of the tallest men in the world and Amazon who could give him a run for his money in high heels haha.
IMG_6847 Cutie pie Jyoti!IMG_6838 The crew!IMG_6839 These cute spectators looked like potential pug lovers so I gave them cards!IMG_6860 Ok, so this is totally my favorite thing in Tokyo. Chocolate cream filled sandwiches!IMG_6872 I want to play!IMG_6886 Color!IMG_6984 Hi!IMG_6884 These pencil sharpeners reminded me of my mom. She collects them!IMG_6873Second stop, the Trick Art Museum of Illusion!
IMG_6891 This place was hella cool. Look at these two haha!IMG_6899 Don’t wanna fall in there!IMG_6901 How many animals can you spot in this painting?IMG_6904Angles Ya’ll, Angles!
IMG_6905 See the dinosaur?IMG_6912Third stop, to see the giant Gundam!
IMG_6922 How cool!IMG_6980 The third stop was a restaurant but it was too small so I went wandering around until the shoot was over doing things like this..IMG_6929 Can I take the giant crab home pretty please?IMG_6933 YUMMY fake foods!


Stay tuned for Day 2!


4 Comments on “PUG goes to Japan with Amazon Eve! (Day 1)

  1. Think I need a new job!!! Ha ha.
    Sounds like you’re having a fantastic time! I’ve seen Jhoti on TV before, she came across as a lovely person.

  2. Thanks for sharing, you made me feel like I was there. Do they have thrift stores there?

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