Mad for Wicker bags!


mcLhY4Km2WuWMq_l3-cQuvAIn the 1950’s wicker purses or woven purses were really popular, like those made by the likes of Los Doradas. I am sure if you are a vintage lover like myself; you have come across these purses on ebay or etsy whilst searching for the perfect staple piece. Every vintage loving girl needs one as they practically match every sun-dress without fail. They look like small handheld picnic baskets with ribbons and decorative elements on top, like plastic or fabric fruits, flowers, and some even have poodle decorations (which are my personal favorite). Dorset Rex of New York had a different idea and started a trend when they created metal woven purses which I feel were more of an evening style. This gorgeous metal design is almost always accompanied by a lucite top and handle for a luxurious feel. Many of these Dorset purses can also be found all over ebay and etsy or vintage/thrift stores. Los Doradas and Dorset style purses were really popular till the late 60s and then kind of died out in the 70s to be revived by vintage lovers like myself who love to have timeless and unique pieces of history.

Lets get back to talking about wicker bags since this is the star of my post. Many of these straw handbags are made of plaited raffia, rattan, rushes, willow, cane, and dried grasses. They were a cute and casual way of accessorizing your outfits until the mid-1950s when a more sophisticated design of straw handbags appeared in southern France. Eaton Bag Company issued elegant raffia baskets, as well as trunks made of black-lacquered straw closed with a gilded lock and key. Elizabeth Arden even created a high-fashion take on a shrimp basket, outfitted with a compass in 1956. By 1958, giant hand-woven basket bags were finally staples of high-fashion magazines. However, Midas of Miami took things to a whole other level when they started creating figural wicker purses. I am not sure if they started the trend but many of the vintage figural wicker purses I have seen have had labels from this particular company. These are especially my favorite because they are far more rare than Dorset, Los Doradas, and Eaton style wicker purses. Not only are they rare but they are expensive starting at as low as $295 on ebay/etsy. You’d be pretty darn lucky to find one cheaper than that and if you have please don’t tell me because I will be totally jealous!

There is hope for us vintage loving ladies who love figural wicker hand bags. Kate Spade has been issuing lots of great vintage style figural wicker purses for a few years now. So far they have created an elephant, armadillo, fruits, retro buggy, snail, frog, and soon they will even have a crab! Sure they are almost just as expensive as a vintage figural wicker purse but I get a little nervous about buying vintage wicker purses that old because they start to fall apart. I have seen many listings where purses were over $300 and still needed repairs (and who’s got the time?). If you aren’t a vintage snob (which I am not) I would just suggest you go for a brand new Kate Spade purse and hey if you happen to find a vintage one you want to purchase (because the history makes them extra special), I understand that too. I hope to cross that off my bucket list of things to own someday too but until then, I am sticking to Kate Spade.

Here are some of my favorite vintage figural bags I have seen on Etsy/Ebay. Some are available for purchase now!

$_57 It’s a frog! What a cutie! On Ebay now!$_57-1 Love this dog, my heart melts! Someone buy him for me :(!il_570xN.698586097_4epq This Frog looks grumpy but he’s still so cute! Kate Spade released one just like this below with a just as grumpy face haha. This one is for sale here!il_570xN.698558667_2c2d I love elephants so I am crying a little for this one. For sale here!il_570xN.698611789_fhsoLook at this awesome fishy! For sale here!il_570xN.698568347_ncvnIt’s a turtle Ya’ll. For sale here!The Last Straw crab shaped vintage wicker bag on 1st dibs Love this crab and Kate Spade is releasing one just like it in April!484a82f255f53ff7f5a5f7dac4c1f887This one is an umbrella! I actually found one of these years ago and passed up on it because it was almost $100 and kind of falling apart. Still so darn cute!il_570xN.721034340_bnhv

Stop Monkeying around! How cute! For sale here!Vintage Figural White Wicker Decorated Elephant Animal Purse

Look at this vintage Elephant! WOW. This is what my dreams are made of!

Here are some Kate Spade vintage inspired figural wicker purses:

Kate-Spade-Wicker-Armadillo-Shoulder-Bag So sad I missed the opportunity to buy this cutie a few years ago. What an adorable armadillo!f7c1e14caccee413dafa1d80abfdabb8 This cute snail is at Kate Spade now! I am contemplating getting one ;). Find it here.katespadesummer2011Wish I would have gotten my hands on this elephant too! It was released in 2011.
Bwx6uQdIcAEix2- This grumpy little (well not so little) froggy is also now available at Kate Spade!Crab_Bag_small This crabby little guy is not available yet but will be available soon and I hope to get my hands on it!


Ive already got my collection started with this awesome Kate Spade buggy purse. Ive got to add to my collection!

Now go and get-your-wicker-on!


9 Comments on “Mad for Wicker bags!

  1. gosh all of these are amazing! I want the turtle one…so cute! Yay for Kate Spade and her continued ability to be amazing in the purse department. Wonderful post 🙂

  2. I absolutely love the snail bag, so cute! Definitely going to snap one up 🙂

  3. I have a Kate spade wicker armadillo purse with matching armadillo change purse and would like to sell it. Do u know where I can sell it?

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