My Valentine’s day PUG wish list!

bd291eed126a0b6973ed52991d2bf085As the buyer of Pinup Girl Clothing, my job isn’t easy. I mean, everything I buy for PUG, I initially want to buy for myself. So basically, every week when we launch new and exciting products, my money just flies out of my pocket. I usually justify my purchases by thinking, well, I deserve it. I work hard, can’t a girl play hard too? This isn’t always the best idea but hell it makes me happy! haha. Anyway, I’ve come up with yet another reason why I should make another purchase..VALENTINE’S DAY. Yup, V-day, which is usually just a day people either love or hate. However, I absolutely LOVE Valentines day. I could careless if I have a Valentine or not (I don’t have one this year, please inquire for an application). Every year, on Valentine’s day or around Valentine’s day, I spoil myself rotten. They say self-love is the best love right? Why not spend V-day loving yourself if you have no one else? Exactly. See, my justifications for spoiling myself totally make sense. I have already started my shopping spree, little by little, crossing items off of my PUG wish list. I already bought myself an Agent Provocateur lingerie set which has become an annual thing but now I want a bunch of Pug goodies! I am almost positive many of you will agree with me on some of these items which is why I decided to do this post. Have a Valentine? Make sure he knows you’ve got a little wish list ;). No Valentine? No problem! Treat yo-self!
0276I need this Kissably cute sweater because reasons. Can you imagine how cute this will look with a red circle skirt? Yas honey!
4072If you have a Love/Hate relationship with your lover or with V-day in general. Why not wear a skirt that expresses your thoughts effortlessly?
4166 Planning to spend V-day with your best girl friend causing ruckus around town like Thelma & Louise? If so, then you need the perfect scarf. Wrap it around your neck or on your head with some cat eye glasses and tell the boys to set their sights on you!Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 5.31.26 PMEmbrace your fierceness this V-day and be speckled like a leopard in these adorable heart flats.4187 Love makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, why not have a sweater that makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the outside too?df-halter-blush_01 Be an elegant damsel in distress in this Halter dress and watch the men line up to save you!kd-voodoo-lm-pk_df1 Oh that voodoo that you do! Put the boys under your spell in this hot pink Voodoo Vixen dress!kl-14325-rd_01Are you a little vampiress? Like being more naughty than nice? If so, than you need this clutch!
Sparkle on your special day with these Sparkle Lux earrings!Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 9.38.21 AMIf you donut care about Valentine’s day but you love sweets, why not treat yourself to this purse?
Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 9.42.23 AMIf your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, you totally need this bag.1Treat yourself to a ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb with this adorable Luxulite brooch and earrings set!
2Exhausted from the dating life? Have a drink in this tough girl flask and be strong girl!

 Going on a hot date? Dazzle your man in this pretty in pink lurex Monica dress!

Though V-day is more about love than it is about materialism. This does not mean you cannot spoil yourself anyway! Especially when you don’t have a Valentine. So I say, spend the day having fun no matter what and spoil yourself if you have to!

Hope you all like my list!


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