My holly jolly Christmas <3

IMG_4020It was my second Christmas in Las Vegas and it doesn’t get easier being away from my family. However, I am thankful to have friends here who have turned into family like our friends Rudy & Urma who are originally from the Bronx. This fun and hospitable Puerto Rican couple is who Santiago (My best friend) and I spend time with during most holidays. They are such amazing people and I love being able to be surrounded by my culture when I visit because there are not too many Puerto Rican people here. I was excited to visit them as it gave me a reason to get dressed to the nines in my new Voodoo Vixen tartan dress I have been dying to wear. My outfit was simple to put together considering all I had to do was pull my hair back and throw on my Kling acorn hat I recently purchased via Pinup Girl Clothing. My hair is always the hardest part considering the length and heaviness I have to deal with on a daily basis haha. I love when I can just throw on a hat and go. As for the rest of my outfit, I added contrast with a black patent leather waist belt, black patent leather Christian Louboutin shoes, and my Betsey Johnson satchel that also had patent leather accents (and a few gold studs too!). And since it was cold out, I wore a vintage sweater that had a bold fur collar and my studded leather half gloves from Patricia Field. The gloves matched my satchel perfectly. My earrings are vintage from the 1950s. So you could say my outfit had an old english feel with a bad girl twist and it made Christmas that much more enjoyable.C7Rudy and Urma had the prettiest tree full of coquî ornaments.IMG_3990How cute are they!IMG_3962 We snapped a few quick photos of my outfit at the house. That’s my dog Rex who is sporting his own little outfit, a red flannel haha. IMG_3965 Rex and I kinda match right?
IMG_4012Rex loves to get in my outfit photos haha. How could I ever be mad at that cute face.
IMG_4013Here is a close up of my accessories. Everything is a perfect match ❤C1Here is a photo of Rudy, Urma, and cute little yorky Mai Tai with their portrait Santiago gifted them. He likes pigeons and she likes frogs. ADORABLE.C2Isn’t the portrait cute!?IMG_3992Mai Tai is Rex’s best friend. They love each other so much.C6 Time to feast! Rudy & Urma is the closest I will ever get to authentic Puerto Rican food but lets not limit Urma, she is also a pro at Philippine, Mexican, and Chinese food too.C4 MMMMMMMM PERNIL!C5Cucumber salad? Don’t mind if I do!

img_39802What a great Christmas!


4 Comments on “My holly jolly Christmas <3

  1. You look lovely as always. So cute that you and Rex match. Glad you had great company and good food during your holiday. Rudy and Urma look great and I love their tree and the picture Derek gifted them.

  2. Oh My Goodness! You look so fabulous! Real glamour with a nod to vintage style!

    Pleased to see that you have such lovely friends and wish that I had the chance to try Puerto Rican food!

    Thanks for a great Christmas post!

  3. Hi my Lovey just curious and asking a little advice.. Do you take in the waist if any of your clothes or are you limited to certain ones? I have been blessed with a curvy figure big bust/bum and hips and a small waist. I often find I have to look
    For clothing which has a lot of stretch in so it fits me properly and is right around the waist, but with the clothes that aren’t so stretchy I shy away from them as it doesn’t show if my biggest asset which is my waist.. With a wide tight belt can still look baggy and strange. I’ve noticed you have a small waist as well.. Do clothes naturally fit you well or do you have to take any clothes in on the waist ect? I’m rubbish with a sewing machine think I would do more harm than good x

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