Frida Las Vegas!

J4I saved my first post for the new year for one of my favorite jewelry designers, Frida Las Vegas! This bodacious colorful babe creates wearable works of perspex pop art inspired by everything 80’s new wave, her home Australia, and anything else that tickles her fancy. She just started her company in 2013 and is already becoming a worldwide phenomenon; adored by celebrities, socialites, and bloggers like myself. I immediately gravitated to her designs as someone who adores the 80’s as well and because I love to mix genre’s I envisioned wearing her pieces with some of my 50’s looks. My favorite from her ready-to-wear collection is the Pantera earrings and the Questionable earrings so I had to get my hands on them! I love anything with black panthers so I will say I am a little biased. Man they are so COOL! I just love unique things and her pieces are very unique and bold for a fearless fashionista like myself. Speaking of bold, her Questionable earrings are hella bold and hella awesome. They make me feel like I am in a comic book (I love comics) and I am able to tie them into my retro looks as well! Inside is an outfit I wore that I styled in two different ways to compliment my two new pairs of Frida Las Vegas earrings. They were shot by my friend Daniel of DMR Depictions.

J1 copyThese are the Pantera earrings I wore with my vintage turquoise Angora sweater, Kenley Collins dress, and vintage bangle/headscarf.PANTERA_pink_earringsHere is an image of what they look like.J7 copyHere are the Questionable earrings I styled with the same dress and different accessories.QUESTIONABLE_pink_earringsWhen it came to these babies, there was no question! I love them!
J6 copyWore my earrings with my Patricia Field clutch, Polaroid sunnies, a patent leather belt, and of Kenley Collins dress!J8 copyI even did a colorful job on my makeup!

Below are some of my other favorites from her ready-to-wear collection:

ABSTRACTION_earringsAbstraction earrings!SEXY_GIRLS_earrings-1Sexy Girl earrings from her new Aphrodite collection! Stay tuned for more from that set. These were the first to launch.


The colorful connoisseur woman herself!

Visit Frida Las Vegas to see more of her designs!

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