A Mortal Kombat Halloween!

titleIt was my favorite holiday of the year, HALLOWEEN, and I was ready to kick some major ass in my Scorpion costume. This was a last-minute execution of an old idea (I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now) so I basically frankensteined an already made mens costume into a women’s costume to have it done on time. Though this may seem like an easy task, it really wasn’t lol. I had to resew elastic bands to all of the pieces because they popped the minute I put the costume on, I had to sew pieces of the costume to a body suit, I had to buy a full face mask and cut out a hole for my face that was accurate (I had to purchase 2 because I messed up the 1st time), and I painted my swords with nail polish to match everything. I had no time at all to make a chain spear but I made the best of it. I’m going to wear this costume again for Comicon but it’ll be the upgraded version I had initially pictured in my head that is more accurate of the character. Anyway, let me tell you how I discovered Scorpion. When I was a kid, I loved video games. I loved them more than any other toy or gadget a kid could play with. As a tomboy who hadn’t yet discovered what feminism was; I would get very upset when games didn’t have female characters. Guess I started early? haha. So naturally when I would come across a video game that had women in them, I would pick the female character by default. When Mortal Kombat first came out, the only female character they had was Sonya. She was the only character I played but whenever I would have to fight Scorpion I would always be so impressed with his moves. Sounds romantic doesn’t it? haha. Anyway, he became one of the only male characters I willingly decided to play in a game that had a female character I could choose. I just thought he was so cool and that cool never left me after all of these years so it made sense as a Scorpio who usually celebrates her birthday on Halloween, to just go as Scorpion. Him and Sonya amongst other characters from different games like Cammy and Chung Li from Street Fighter were such a huge part of my childhood. It was really cute to be stopped by a bunch of gamers who were big fans of Scorpion and really loved that I gave it a female twist. However, I wasn’t the first, there are tons of female cosplayers who have done scorpion so I tried to give it my own twist. It came out amazing to say the least and I had the best time walking around Vegas with my friends. My costume caused a frenzy wherever I went and it was pretty cool that I didn’t bump into anyone with the same costume except for men haha. There’s a timeline of my night inside along with photos of my friends who also had great costumes!

IMG_3791Here are some shots I took later on in the night at the Linq that have a clear view of my costume. COME HEREEEE.IMG_3793I was so happy to have put this together in such a short amount of time. I actually have a gold bangle wrapped around my ponytail lol.IMG_3785The contact lenses were my favorite touch to the costume, however, I could hardly see a THING in them. FINISH HIM!IMG_3782Stockings are Agent Provocateur ;). Because when you are a super villainess your stockings need to be legit.IMG_3698Off we go to the Parade! I’m going to find Sub Zero so I can avenge my family’s death!IMG_3706It was a neon Halloween Parade in downtown Fremont!IMG_3710How cute!IMG_3715DRAGONS!IMG_3723Ran into my friend Jennifer and HOW CUTE IS HER COSTUME? She was the perfect Carmen Miranda and I love that her spirit is just as vibrant.
IMG_3726I swear I’m smiling. Damn mask makes me look scary haha 😉

IMG_3736My best friend went as himself. I adore him beyond words for hanging with me on Halloween. We had such a blast!IMG_3737This is a cute little haunted house that was in one of the parking lots of the Fremont Strip.IMG_3729Grrrr.IMG_3744My friend Crystal went to the parade as a Ram, a GOLDEN Ram! She is such a babe!IMG_3743She made her costume herself out of a vintage gold lame suit we found at Savers just a few days before!
IMG_3738The Ram and the Scorpion!
IMG_3750The Ram and her beau!IMG_3748Rinosotruck?IMG_3753At Inspire<3IMG_3760The view from above Inspire.IMG_3755IMG_3765DJ’s on deck!10748535_403833239763687_464739213_nAfter the parade we went to the Linq. One of our favorite places in Vegas.IMG_3771Check out THIS DUDES COSTUME. He wins for best Halloween costume of the century lolIMG_3804Went to a dive bar to see some of my friends and first up was my girl Chelsea as Harley Quinn! She made her own costume too!IMG_3808How cute is she! She’s the perfect Harley!IMG_3810Haha Chelsea and her beau Carlos.IMG_3799Group photo with Chelsea and my girl Dolly who was dressed as a Lichtenstein comic!IMG_3812Thats all folks! Till next year!

20 Comments on “A Mortal Kombat Halloween!

  1. Loved the costumes, you all looked great. Must have been really nice to walk around with no coat on for a change. Makes me think about going to Vegas next year for Halloween.

  2. I am sooooo snatching up this idea for Halloween at the end of this month! You’re awesome! Where did you get the bodysuit? Or a picture of what it looks like! Thank you, and GREAT job!

  3. Do you still have this costume? If so could i buy it from you?! I’m not creative enough to do it myself 😔

    • They are swords and I bought them at a thrift store. This was a mens costume I took apart and turned into a women’s costume which is why you cannot find it. ❤

  4. I absolutely love your creativity! Where did you buy the original costume from before you customized it?

  5. Hey Hun can you please tell us where did you buy the original men’s costume from, so I can customise it myself as similar to yours? Thanks

  6. hi! where did you get your body suit and contacts? i got the costume and im trying to find the rest. thanks so much. ur costume is an inspiration!

  7. I did my version of this for Halloween. Thanks for the inspiration. I also took apart the mens costume. I hot glue the pieces together though.

    My brother says I look like Scorpions Girlfriend from the front and a pole dancer from the back.

    (Also Note I do not have the body suit lol just some black spandex and a pretty tank)

  8. Hey! Absolutely love this! 😍😍😍 I’m also a Scorpio and thought this would be an awesome idea. I have been wanting to do this for a long time now, but never got into it. I have some time now to get into it. I am going to try. Quick question. Where did you get the mask?

  9. Hi i love your scorpion costume can you tell me where to buy this or how can i put this together. My husband is in love with scorpion and want to make his fantasy come to life

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