28 things I promise myself for my 28th Birthday.

28th birthdayWell…I will be 28 on November 9th and wow does time fly. I am not one of those people who are afraid to age. However, every year I look back hoping I have made progress, not just with my goals but progress with who I am as a person so I get a little anxiety every time my birthday comes around. I want to grow and become a stronger, wiser, and more productive version of myself. Year 27 was completely crazy but absolutely rewarding. I mean…I moved cross-country from New York to Las Vegas, said goodbye to everything I know to live a whole new life surrounded by new people and a new job. It’s been great. I mean, I have my ups and downs. Can’t always be peachy. So sometimes, life is a little bit of a roller coaster. I had to adjust to this new life and all of the new people I met and a new job that took me a few months to really master..But I did it. I did it all and I learned so much about myself and others along the way. It’s crazy to think that it has already been almost a year here in Vegas. It feels like I just got on that one way plane just yesterday. Now I live in a beautiful home with my best friend, I have a ton of new friends, I have traveled all over the US, and have had great opportunities. I am so grateful for all that I accomplished and learned by taking this giant leap of faith but I’ve got a long ways to go.

In order to grow you have to make mistakes along the way. This is how you learn. In the beginning of this year, it was a little overwhelming. There was a lot of pressure to be awesome at my new job, make new friends, learn about the culture here, and etc. It is VERY different here. I like it, but with the good also comes the bad. I have made a few mistakes this year, minor, but still significant enough to realize I need to make some changes. This is where my promises to myself come in. Here are 28 things I promise myself for my 28th year:

1. Write more. Start a journal and write at least a paragraph every day. This will serve as an outlet for your thoughts that sometimes get in the way of your happiness.

2. Distance yourself from anything or anyone who makes you unhappy. Period.

3. Stop thinking you owe people for their kindness. Kindness comes natural to you and you do great things for others so stop feeling bad when others do nice things for you.

4. Raise your standards and never settle for mediocre. Dating guys who are not on your level because “most of them suck anyway” will not make you happy. lol

5. Treat others how they treat you. Remember that givers always get taken for granted.

6. Start creating more art. You used to paint all the time. You’re slacking chica.

7. Keep dancing. Dance your little heart away because that makes you really happy.

8. Get over your fear of driving so you can be an even bigger gypsy and travel all over the US in that PT Cruiser you really want.

9. Set boundaries with everyone so you don’t spread yourself too thin. Sometimes you forget about yourself taking care of others..and sometimes you exhaust yourself loving the wrong people.

10. Believe in yourself more. You can achieve anything in life by erasing your fears.

11. Read more books. Because you can never be over-educated.

12. Travel abroad. Paris is waiting.

13. Live a healthier lifestyle. Your health sucks right now and needs to become a bigger priority.

14. Take words with a grain of salt. You know, more than anyone, the weight of words and how little they can mean coming from the wrong people. If someone tells you they love you, miss you, need you; if they aren’t met my actions they aren’t relevant.

15. Don’t become a vegetable. You have been in isolation mode because you don’t trust anyone or anything lately. Don’t let the world turn you into an emotionless, bitter, and isolated person. You have so much love to give.

16. Be more strict about your surroundings. Don’t allow difficult/hateful people into your space. Only keep cool, supportive, easy-going, and chill people around you.

17. Work harder. Go back to being that ambitious hustler you were in NY.

18. Blog more. Get back to the old you who loved blogging. Continue to inspire others by being.The influence you have on others is so important.

19. Be open to love even though you have been hurt. Stop hiding your feelings and running away the second you think things are going to go wrong. Remember, Love should be “easy” not difficult.

20. Connect with people more personally. Skip the technology and work on more intimate connections with people. This is a dying art.

21. Let go of the past. Make peace and be done with it. Turn the page or burn the page, great things await you in the future. You can’t go on in life being afraid that people will keep hurting you.

22. Don’t expect everyone to like you just because you are a good person. If they don’t like you, f*ck em, they can kick rocks.

23. Don’t sweat the small stuff. You don’t need to have an anxiety attack every time you make a small mistake.

24. Give less fucks. You are already on this path. Isn’t it liberating?

25. Keep working on that temper. You have made great progress but still have ways to go. Plus it’s better to be happy anyway! Start taking a kick boxing class or something so you can let out some of that angst.

26. Be more positive. You can’t go wrong with being more positive. This is crucial for your sanity.

27. Be kind to yourself. You can’t beat yourself up for the things you should have, could have, would have done in life.

28. Keep your faith in humanity/love alive. I know the cruelty of the world has its way of changing the most loving people into bitter souls but don’t let it affect you. Keep that hope alive. God has a plan for all of us.


I am a woman of my word and I keep my promises which is why I created this list. I know its going to hard to complete it all but I can at least try. I hope by sharing the things I need to work on that some of you can see that I am in no way “perfect”. I am a work-in-progress on the pursuit of happiness like all of you.

Here’s to hoping 28 will be great ❤

Cheers ❤

10 Comments on “28 things I promise myself for my 28th Birthday.

  1. Glad all basically going well and that the year has proved it was a good move. Happy Birthday when it comes up soon.

  2. I love this I just turned 40! On 10/18 and had a few of the same revelations , I rememeber meeting you( I won the Bettie Page revels all contest in NYC) thinking what and amazing inspirational person you were so keep striving all things work out your a inspiration to so many but even the inspiring need to be inspired …. blessings

  3. You always inspire me Jasmine. Im turning 29 this New Year and I hope to be as tenacious as your spirit! Happy Early birthday my lady! -Lizette

  4. A very happy 28th to you! My 29th is coming up a few days before Christmas, and I tend to think of birthdays in terms very much like yours. I have a lot I want to accomplish – some that have been on my list for a while, and some that are fresh off of the presses. What’s most important is that we keep improving ourselves, non? ❤

    Veronica Vintage

  5. Hi Jasmine, been a long time since I wrote you. So many changes in your life but I see the one constant is that you are still the same ol’ vintage vandal that I grew to love. So many of the things you listed, I can identify with and I pray you can see them through because God knows it is an uphill battle learning to trust again and to take down defenses.

  6. I absolutely love this!!! I will be 28 soon an will definitely be using this! Thanks

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