IMG_2062Since the past few months have been a little hectic, there are a few posts I had pending that I never even published like this one! This outfit is from the 4th of July when I wore this ADORABLE kissable two piece set I bought at whilst I was ordering one of their magazines. One of my readers emailed me about it which is why I remembered to post this (thank you!). Anyway, I miss posting outfit posts. I have been slacking hard lately, mainly because I have been busy focusing on other things but also because I haven’t really been inspired. I have been blogging since 2008 and though I have had many amazing opportunities, I can’t help but feel like my blog is still underrated. I have put so much work into this blog and though I am happy for the success of other bloggers, all I see is the same trends being repeated and a lack of honesty when representing brands. There is a lack of authenticity which is why blogging became so popular in the first place. Blogging was a platform for the nonconformist fashionistas with unfiltered opinions. My blog continues to stay true to who I am and what I really think about life, love, and fashion. I really wanted to turn this into a movement but what felt like a bright flame of inspiration turned into smoke. Not sure if I am going to continue and If I do, it looks like it’s going to be kind of like this where I only publish one post a week if I am lucky enough to have an inch of inspiration and motivation. For those of you who have been following me and rooting for me from a distance..Thank you. Your messages and comments really do motivate me and inspire me to keep going. Ive got to get out of this rut.

Anyway, here are a few photos of that cute outfit I wore for the 4th of July<3

IMG_2047Shoes are Christian Louboutin<3IMG_2054Purse is from Buffalo Exchange.IMG_2044Better late than never! Kisses!

13 Comments on “Kisses!

  1. You do what makes you happy. I always look forward to your Blogs and miss the fact that you have not been writing very much. I know it can be overwhelming at times and you deserve so much more credit but think about how far you have come and how many great people have come into your life through your Blogs. You have motivated and inspired so many people and we all love you for that. Sending kisses your way. From your biggest fan MOM.

  2. I have followed your blog for a while and LOVE IT. You come across as so kind, honest, and stylish which seems to be rare these days with bloggers. You have such amazing style combining pin up, streetwear, vintage, and international looks and pieces. By promoting positive body image, embracing who you are, and other issues not often discussed by folks in the fashion industry you are a true leader. If blogging is not adding positivity to your life anymore then it’s understandable to leave it or put it on the back burner. You will be missed but I’m sure readers will be ready and waiting to support what you do next or follow along on social media platforms. Cheers!

  3. Hey Chica though you may feel this way trust me your readers don’t. We all enjoy your refreshing take on fashion and girl power lol we all look forward to reading more from you. There are many blogs that are blahh but at least you know what you put into your craft and that’s what counts the most. Trust me your reader def feel the realness don’t ever doubt that just continue to do you !
    I’ve shared your blog and many times ive even gotten feedback like ” Yo She’s Awesome” or “I had no idea how to incorporate retro anything into my look” lol trust your blog def means as much to you reader as it means to you jazzy.
    Love you lotsssssss xoxo keep doing your thing ❤

  4. Hi Jasmin, after reading your post I felt compelled to leave a comment about how your blog has impacted me. Since I was a young and impressionable teen girl, I followed a lot of bloggers as a sort of escapism. However I never found any that really left me with any sort of connection. As a fellow Latina with a similar body type and someone who also lives for vintage and glamour, I never saw myself represented and related to until I discovered your blog! I was so excited just to find someone like me out there succeeding and thriving. Your inner and outer beauty is so genuine and real. I know it may seem like the white noise of the blogging world can drown out strong voices like yours, but know yours is authentic and incomparable. xxx

  5. nothing lasts forever :-(. I wish you the very best in your future endeavors! God Bless hun.

  6. Hi I just wanted to say I love reading your blog. You are a style icon to me. I love seeing what you wear because you inspire me. I adore that you are promoting body confidence and a positive body image, maybe the catwalks will hear you, but even if they don’t the real girl in the street will. Thank you for looking so awesome in your eclectic style. It gives the rest of us the inspiration to do the same. Love from England x x

  7. Catching up on old posts I missed and just commenting to say this is why yours is the only fashion blog I still read. Thanks for doing you :*

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