PUG NYFW Day 2 & 3!

IMG_2704I had to cram 2 days into one post because I barely got the chance to take photos on day two because it was a crazy day! When I say crazy, I mean in the best way. Our Pinup Girl Clothing Yard Sale at Slapback NYC was a HUGE success! We had a line that wrapped around the block! Anyway, before I get to that let me start off with how the day panned out. Our first stop was Lincoln center where we met up with all of the pugsters again to promote our awesome message that beauty is not a size and that we create couture for everyone. It was such an empowering meet up and again, girls were shot by street style photographers which made them all feel as special as they actually are<3. Then we wer off to Dos Camino’s for some grub where we got to talk fashion and everything else with our new friends. Lincoln center was packed with fashionistas but the pugsters stood out like sore thumbs. We had a blast meeting one another and had such a lovely lunch before the craziness of the PUG Yard Sale at one of my favorite Rockabilly shops, SlapBack. We arrived at the Yard Sale by cab with our jaws down to the floor as we passed a long line of gorgeous girls patiently waiting for the sale to begin. I was especially excited that I was going to see my girl Renee (the owner of Slapback) as I haven’t seen her in months since I moved to Vegas. My family met us there too so I was so happy I got to spend time with them even though the sale was nuts haha. As soon as we opened the doors it was every man for himself as girls piled dresses and separates over their shoulders. We had to give them a limit to how many pieces they could buy because we were running out so fast. Within the first hour we were already sold out of 95% of our merchandise so to be fair, we gave gift cards to anyone who was still waiting outside because we knew by the time they came in, there would be nothing left. After things simmered down Micheline gave her awesome eyebrow tutorial and Laura mingled with the pugsters and gave tips on how to wear her pieces. It was a HUGE success and Renee did such a great job hosting such a memorable event for NYC. It was our first east coast yard sale and I hope we can continue to do it again every year.

After the craziness of the PUG Yard sale we all headed over to the Cobra club where they were serving signature PUG cocktails, Micheline and Laura sang Karaoke, and I got to mingle with my friends who stopped by. It was so much fun but by the end of the day, I was brain-dead haha.

The next day of PUGNYFW was just as awesome. The plan was to meet my girl Elizabeth Taylor for a vintage crawl downtown. It was so much fun going from one vintage/thrift store to the next. We even took a detour and went to a wig shop where we all bought half wigs and more haha! We literally shopped till we dropped and just before heading home we all watched the sun set at the High Line. It was one of the highlights of my trip and made me miss New York even more than I have been the past few months. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have been given the opportunity to travel with PUG to NY where I met so many great people, had such amazing experiences, and got to see my friends and family. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and glad I work for such an amazing company who aims to inspire and empower and we took over NYFW by doing just that!IMG_5494For the second day I wore the Tropical Temptress dress which is one of my favorite Pinup Girl Clothing dresses from the Hawaiian Capsule Collection. Wish I had more photos of me in this dress but I will definitely wear it again! The day was too crazy!IMG_5576My gorl Elizabeth Taylor killing it in the Deadly Dames Hot pink capri pants, Micheline Pitt looking ravishing in black, and one of the only photos of me in this gorgeous dress!
IMG_5534Some of the pug beauties at Dos Caminos for lunch!IMG_5558The crazy line for the Pug Yard Sale at Slapback Brooklyn!IMG_5546Getting ready!IMG_5544The lovely PUG Jenny Dress in the Snow White print by Stephanie Buscema displayed at Slapback!
IMG_5541and it begins with 10 customers…IMG_5556then turns into this after just 20 minutes!!!! Haha that’s my mom in her yellow PUG Birdie dress<3IMG_5562How cute does my cousin Natiana look for the event! Check out her blog!IMG_5566My babies came to visit me at the PUG event! That’s Sunny in the middle and Vanessa on the right.IMG_5583Laura, Renee (Slapback NYC shop owner), me, and Micheline<3
IMG_5579Classic cars out front of the Cobra Club!IMG_5582The Cobra club served Pinup Girl Cocktails ladies!IMG_5588Micheline singing Karaoke!IMG_5599Day 3! A photo of all of us at the Mark Hotel before the Vintage Crawl. How cute is baby Gaia!?IMG_2714First stop, Pippin! An AWESOME vintage jewelry shop that has jewelry from all eras!IMG_5625Gorgeous roaring 20s portraits!IMG_2706I want them all!IMG_2707All of the ladies shopping their hearts away<3IMG_2708Gems!IMG_2709Vintage hats!IMG_2710My gorl Elizabeth bejeweling herself ❤IMG_5614 Wiggin out at a cool beauty supply that had a vintage pincurl machine!IMG_5615 IMG_5627 Gaia scared of the mannequin haha, so cute ❤IMG_5628 colored pomade!IMG_5634Family Jewels! Micheline found some RAD jewelry! Hi Katie!
IMG_5646 4th Stop, Buffalo Exchange where we all bought a bunch of cool vintage/designer goodies! Highlight of my shopping experience? Running into one of my loyal readers! How sweet!IMG_5650Now for some noms at The Triple Crown before heading to..IMG_5663..The Highline!
IMG_5686A group photo with just some of the ladies!10511448_722802791100568_4553573847473205066_oOne of our lovely pugsters from Pioneer Vintage Co shot this photo of me and I love it so much.IMG_2716Another group shot at the Chelsea Market<3
IMG_2717Love that I got to spend time with my sister<3 IMG_2721Glad I got to spend time with my mom too<3 Love and miss her so much. My aunt came as well and I am sad I have no photos with her:(IMG_2726Full group photo! What a successful Event!!!!!<3

Thank you to all of you who came out to play with us! It was so nice meeting you all and spending time with you at our event. You were all so lovely!<3


2 Comments on “PUG NYFW Day 2 & 3!

  1. Had a great time spending time with you and all the lovely ladies and that “PUG” sale was GREAT. They should do it every year.

  2. Great pics. Looks like it was a lot of fun. And I want everyone’s outfits.

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