IMG_5451It has been almost a month of traveling all over the country and I couldn’t be happier with my experiences. Traveling really does help you grow, I have learned so much in the past month about myself and others and have made new friends along the way. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to head to my hometown, New York, with Pinup Girl Clothing (the company I work for).   Laura Byrnes (@Laurabyrnes), Micheline Pitt (@Michelinepitt), and I took over NYFW with a powerful message “Beauty is not a dress size” and brought together all of our East Coast Pugsters for a weekend to remember. As someone who is an advocate of body positivity, I was so happy to contribute to such an event. I met so many beautiful and sweet women of all shapes, sizes, and colors and they ALL looked gorgeous in their PUG pieces. It is really amazing to see how clothes can make us feel, especially Pinup Girl Clothing. Everyone looked radiant and confident as they posed for street style photographers at Lincoln center. They all wore their gifted PUG buttons that said “Couture for Every Body” and “All women are beautiful”. It brought be great joy to see how great they felt getting their photos taken and published all over social media outlets in their pug pieces whilst spreading a positive message.

The icing on the cake was that I got to see my family and friends. I miss them ALL the time and I cannot tell you how happy I was to be able to see them and have them have so much fun attending the events PUG planned for NYFW.

On the first day of PUG NYFW we had our first meet and greet at Lincoln center where we got to meet so many glamorous pugsters who were excited to meet Laura, Micheline, and I. We all definitely created a buzz because photographers kept snapping away at our outfits! Micheline, Laura, and I looked like we were going to a funeral glamorously drenched in black PUG pieces. I wore the Glamour Ghoul dress in black and white stripes because..well..its PRETTY AMAZING. And I complimented the outfit with some vintage accessories like my black gloves, black purse, and hat. For shoes I wore my Christian Louboutin Maryl pumps. We stood at the Mark Hotel and I happened to match their gorgeous floors. If I ever go back to NY and book a hotel, it would be the Mark. Not just because the service was amazing but because it looked like Tim Burton designed it lol. It was cool that we got to head back there with the pugsters after Lincoln center for drinks at the Mark Bar. We all had a blast with our awesome cocktails in hand and I can promise we all made some long-term friendships!
10691643_624162987704115_2127853560_nAnyone who attended the meet-up were gifted buttons, stickers, gift cards, and discounts to Pinupgirlclothing.com!
IMG_2638 This was my outfit and definitely one of my favorites of the entire trip. I plan to wear this dress a thousand more times before the year is over. Click here to get yours!IMG_2627Me, Micheline, a fashion blogger, Laura, Elizabeth, Laura’s daughter Milena, and another fashion blogger who was adorabbble.
IMG_2642 My momma and I! This was taken right after we ran and hugged one another. I love her so much.IMG_2621 My sister and I! My life was complete! I was finally with my other half<3IMG_2635It’s a glam sandwich! My gorg friend Sharae, me, and my smokin boss Laura Byrnes.
IMG_2629 Met this well dressed gentleman at Lincoln center. I was loving his get-up!IMG_2630So happy my friend Stephanie came to spend the day with us! I missed her so much. She brought her pretty friend with her too!
IMG_2651All of the pug girls looked so pretty! So happy to have met you all!
IMG_2657 This pretty lady said she was a fan of my blog! Little did she know she inspired me to keep going!IMG_2658Ran into my girl Rachel Martino who is a hella popular vlogger babe and just as awesome in person!IMG_2671Laura hails a cab in true model fashion haha! So babe-ly!IMG_2684How gorgeous does she look in her PUG Folly Flair Mermaid dress?!IMG_2682Oh you know..I just match the Mark Hotel bike carriages and everything else lol.IMG_2677IMG_2685My girl Robin came to the Mark Bar event and I couldn’t have been happier to see her pretty face! She came with her pretty friend Nadia and I snapped a great photo of them both with Micheline. What a glam sandwich!
IMG_2688We all took over the Mark bar!IMG_2689These babes ❤ Couldn’t be more thankful that they brought me to NY where I got to share such a great experience with them and see my friends and family ❤
IMG_2694ZAMNNN!IMG_2698WERK those pug pieces ladies!IMG_2696the best part of the event? Not one person wore the same dress. They all wore different pieces simultaneously!IMG_5468After a fabulous evening with the pugsters, Micheline and I decided to head out to the Meat Packing district for some low-key fun. We went to Le Bain/The Boom Boom room at the Standard hotel looking chic. I wore my purple Monica dress with a vintage hat and she wore a vintage 1940s ensemble to die for.IMG_5483Glamazon ❤
IMG_5487What a beautiful night in NYC ❤

I missed this skyline. I missed New York..

Stay tuned for the rest of PUG NYFW!


2 Comments on “PUG NYFW Day 1!

  1. Great post! That night/PUG weekend was epic! Thank so much for including me in your post. Keep doing what you do because you are freakin’ awesome and an inspiration to me and many others! 🙂

  2. It was a great weekend. Loved hanging out with all off these beautiful woman and every one of them looked lovely in their PUG dresses. Best part was I got to you see you and Micheline again and met Laura and her lovely family .

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