The wonderful work of Lars Kommienezuspadt


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Where do I begin…I have taken many many pictures in my lifetime, none of which captured the emotion and sensuality I possess until I worked with Lars kommienezuspadt. I have waited so long to work with photographers who “understand me” and he is one of very few I feel fortunate to work with time and time again. His work is memorable, noticeable, and he has magazines and models all over the world begging to work with him. I feel very fortunate to have worked with him twice and every time he sends me another image I am amazed and blessed to have finally found someone who can capture a side of myself many people (including myself) don’t see. Though I am an advocate of confidence, I am aware I am not the most pretty girl in the world. But damn when I see his images of me, I find myself saying “I didn’t know I could look this beautiful”. His images are like mirrors for me when I am feeling down. They are like boosts of confidence! This is why his work is so great. He takes the time to get to know his models. There is nothing better than working with someone who understands you, makes you feel comfortable, and knows how to direct you so he captures you in your best light. Speaking of light, with minimal equipment, he is able to create stunning images which prove that you don’t need quantity to create quality images. All you need is talent, an imagination, an awesome personality, and an understanding of the female form. Looks like Lars has covered all bases. Check out the photos he has sent me so far by clicking below.
jasminehighres002 I purchased this robe at an estate sale months ago. A woman had passed away and her son had to sell some of her stuff, some of which I happened to stumble across like the robe. Turns out it is a dressing gown his mother wore on her wedding day. It fit like a dream when I tried it on and the gentleman asked if I would try the wedding dress as well and I was happy to do it if it made him smile…It did and he told me that I should have it since he felt it was on the perfect person so he gave me both items for just $50. I keep her wedding dress safe in my closet. Glad I got to use her robe for this shoot. I plan to shoot in the dress someday in hommage. My sunglasses are vintage.jasminehighres006smallerThis is the Lingerie set I wore under the vintage dressing robe. Also one of my favorite photos from our shoot.jasminehighres001 This was a fun and funky outfit I chose because sometimes ALL the time, I’m a bit of a wild card haha. The glasses and swimsuit are vintage and this was shot in my friend Ralphy’s car.jasminehighres008This look was inspired by Bridget Bardot, can’t you tell? My top is by Express, shorts are unknown, and my shoes are Christian Louboutin. Most of these shots were taken at my friend Ralph Brinkley’s home which was a perfect setting for the looks I chose. He is so awesome for letting us shoot there!
jasminehighres005 This was one of my favorite outfits. My romper is Betsey Johnson and my Elvis necklace was a gift from my friend Stephanie Nolasco<3 jasminehighres009 Ok, we all know what look I was going for in these images. Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace… This was taken at my friend Sandy’s house. She was so sweet in letting us shoot there. Her home is gorgeous!jasminehighres012Finally got to shoot in this vintage Versace swimsuit and choker! went really well with my 80’s silk leopard top.
jasminehighres010This outfit was pretty badass and we shot at a badass location to do it justice. Dress is by Betsey Johnson, Belt is unknown, Hat is vintage, and so are the gloves. Spoooky.

These images can be found in Pink Bow City #14

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16 Comments on “The wonderful work of Lars Kommienezuspadt

  1. he is so lucky to have the opportunity to work with you you’re amazing! ❤

  2. Great photos!!! Always gorgeous, but I really love the 60s inspired photos–you rock the big hair! What a great find–the vintage wedding gown and dressing robe (hope to see pics of the wedding gown!).

  3. “I am aware I am not the most pretty girl in the world. ” are u frikking kidding me, you’re gorgeous and these shots are amazing pieces of art. Great stuff.

  4. I just had to reply! You are absolutely Freaking amazing your looks are flawless. I wish we could see the beauty that others see in us.

  5. ‘not the most pretty girls’, that is so strange to read, I have always considered you one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Wonderful post, love the images, you look fantastic, i want that romper! x

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