50 Shades of Bettie Page..

IMG_2592bp009a1With all of the hype surrounding 50 Shades of Grey, I can’t think of a more perfect time to get in touch with your naughty side. Inspired by Bettie Page and other various pinups, I have been a lover of lingerie for quite sometime now. Bettie was/is the ultimate sex symbol and immortal as her image lives on. I was incredibly inspired by her growing up as many people were. She has a huge following of women all over the world who sport short bangs just as I do whilst also embracing their own sexuality. I remember working at Agent Provocateur where I got to channel my inner Bettie Page every day in a tight pink dress, fishnet stockings, high heels, short bangs, and my red lips. I sold lingerie and pleasure products every day and the more I learned, the more intrigued I became, the more my collection of lingerie increased. My first leather gloves were opera gloves from Agent Provocateur, it was also where I got my first bedazzled riding crop. Since then I have hopped from one lingerie store to another adding to my collection of lingerie and products that fulfill my inner fantasies that all started with Bettie Page.

Mark Mori, the director of the “Bettie Page Reveals all” documentary had me work for him when they had events to promote the film. This went on for a few years and It was a dream to wear my pieces and model as homage to the late great pinup. It is such a wonderful film and I was glad to contribute.  Her story and her life was inspiring to say the least, and to hear her speak was a dream! Amazingly, If you look at the film, you will see my name in the credits!

Recently, I came across a website called Lovehoney.com that had a line of Bettie Page pleasure products that were just too irresistible to pass up. I mean really? A BETTIE PAGE PLEASURE PRODUCT COLLECTION? Come on. You know I had to share this with all of you. Thrilled over the idea of adding some of these products to my collection felt like Christmas morning. Receiving my satin and leather restraints, blindfold, and spanking paddle made me want to thank Santa a.k,a the mail man haha. I had high expectations and this line still exceeded them. The packaging and presentation were amazing. Every box had a surprise. They all had Bettie Page key chains and tiny collectible photographs presented beautifully in a Bettie Page themed box. I have to say who ever designed these products understand luxury, history, and Bettie Page. The satin restraints were bound by a soft faux leather quilted fabric that is so soft and comfortable on the wrists and ankles, the blind fold is silk bound by the same leatherish material with Bettie Page’s name embroidered nicely on the tips, and the paddle is awesome and printed with Bettie’s image, soft as well, and just the right structural design for a little spanking haha. Now I’m curious about getting more products from the line as there are so many to choose from!

I am hooked and I have been naughty so I wonder what I will have Santa bring me next?

bettie-page-collection-shotHere is the entire line of Bettie Page pleasure products and as you can see they have everything a naughty girl needs.bettiepagewigAnd hey, if you want to get yourself the entire look you can always invest in a wig, high heels, and a corset!bettie-pageretro_vintage_kitsch_ad_50s_women_blindfolded_postcard-r606c27ccddca44e3b223d0d22e270a10_vgbaq_8byvr_512They didn’t call her the NOTORIOUS Bettie Page for nothing. Just look at those restraints! She’s got the girl all tied up from her arms to her ankles! All she is missing is a blind fold ;). Don’t have one yourself? One of the Bettie Page Products has got you covered. The Blackout blindfold  is perfect for indulging in sensory deprivation play. I love it and can’t wait to use it and/or use it on someone else haha ;).1385741_651231498231170_342942081_nMiss Jessica Holly shows us how she puts on her Blackout Blindfold. (image by www.lilydoble.co.uk)IMG_2618I love the presentation of the products. I mean, look at the cute box and the little gifts that come with it. The keychain and photo are lovely!greyIf you are planning to see 50 shades of Grey, I am sure by these screen caps that you will see Anastasia dawning her own little Blindfold. 😉
spanking-bettie-page-11Bettie Page has a number of photos of her being spanked. This was major in the past as we were living in a sexually repressed society. Bettie Page received lots of backlash for embracing her sexuality but she still prevailed and did what she wanted to do. To her it was natural (and it is), to them it was a sin (and it isn’t). There is nothing wrong with being a woman who embraces her sexuality though society still shames us today. Bettie Page_2Anyway, back to being spanked ;)…I don’t mind a little spanking when Ive been bad..Don’t you?IMG_2598This is why I indulged and got my hands on this Bettie Page spanking bat. Everything about it is amazing so I plan on being bad…a lot.IMG_2606This also comes with a key chain and collectable photo ❤IMG_2573I saved the best for last.IMG_257438935-2Want to get tied up in your partners love? Get your hands on these Satin Restraints! You get four, two for your ankles, and two for your wrists. They are soft and luxurious to the touch. I hate when most restraints hurt or feel uncomfortable. Hand cuffs are often too hard for me to enjoy them. At least these are soft, strong, and fun to play with. I can’t think of a better way to spend a night. When I am a force to be reckoned with 24/6, its nice to take a day to be submissive….or a little demanding 😉IMG_2584You can use them on your ankles…81WQh+kuYkL._SL1500_

On your hands…or both!

Bettie Page knows how!


Now what are you waiting for? Visit Lovehoney.com to get your own luxurious and naughty products!


4 Comments on “50 Shades of Bettie Page..

  1. I am not seeing where to find the password to read this post.

    Thanks, Nora Catherine

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  2. Thanks for this amazing review of our products – I’ll be sure to share it on the Bettie Page Facebook and Twitter pages!

    Lovehoney Writer and Bettie Page Social Media Manager

  3. Can you tell me the name of the woman spanking Bettie? Thank you 😉

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