My 1st Retro Style & Beauty class at Amberjoy’s Vintage Closet!

IMG_4473 Last month I was given the opportunity to teach my very own class on Retro Style & Beauty thanks to Amber at Amberjoy’s Vintage Closet here in Las Vegas. I was nervous when I was given the opportunity as I have never taught a class before and wasn’t sure if I was even really ready to teach as I am learning new techniques every day but I coughed up the courage and decided to do it anyway.

It was finally the day and I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I was blessed to have incredible sponsors who sent gifts for my students like Beach Bash Beachwear, Tatyana clothing, Sparkle Lux, Posh Adornments, Shop Glamarous, Crave Yard, Nic Coco Creations, Kenley Collins, and more. These students walked away with some SERIOUS goody bags because I wanted them to leave with a kit to get them started on their own retro journeys. Worried that no one would show, 11 lovely ladies showed up out of a 13 slot class and I was overjoyed at the thought that these girls wanted to learn something from me but to my surprise I learned something from them..I taught hair, makeup, and style. I initially only wanted to talk about style but I get messages all the time about my makeup and hair so I wanted to talk about that as well. My lovely models were my friends Nubia and Jade who were so sweet and supportive by allowing me to do their hair and makeup. It was also awesome to see my friend Yocelin who also came to my class to support. Lets not forget that I probably wouldn’t have any photos if it wasn’t for my friend Daniel of DMR photography who is one of the best photographers in Las Vegas! I have the best friends in the world!

Anyway, going back to what my students taught me…I realized that teaching beauty is not my forte even though I do it well. It wasn’t as empowering as me teaching them self-love. I can teach women how to be beautiful all day but it matters more to me to teach them how to learn to embrace the beauty they ALREADY HAVE. Not that I wouldn’t teach another class on Retro Beauty, I totally would. However, I get more satisfaction from teaching self-love and style. This is my expertise. It hit me when one of my students told me she once had an eating disorder. I wanted to completely change the curriculum I spent 4-6 hours on. I want to teach women how to embrace the beauty they were born with, not how to be beautiful when they already are, you know?

Though I was nervous from start to finish, the class was a success and I was happy that I conquered my fears and that my students learned a lot from me. They were so happy to leave with goody bags jam-packed with the essentials they need to start their journey and many were stoked to receive prizes from Sparkle Lux and Nic Coco Creations. The icing on the cake is when Amber told everyone that her entire store was 30% off which meant my students could start shopping for their own retro looks immediately! It was awesome to see how excited they were and It brought me great joy to hear that I got great reviews so I will definitely be teaching another class soon. See the photos of my class at Amberjoy’s vintage closet by clicking below.
IMG_4443 I wanted to look sharp for my class so I wore this beautiful floral halter dress I bought at Buffalo Exchange with my Christian Louboutin Maryl pumps and Nic Coco Hair Flower. My hair was a little frizzy thanks to the weird weather but I pulled myself together haha!photo 4 My hair and makeup kits! Vintage Barbie!IMG_4299 Nubia was a great model and looked great in an awesome vintage dress straight from the racks of Amberjoy’s vintage closet!IMG_4306 after I took out her set, Nubia was babely!IMG_4320This was when I was teaching how to wear vintage fascinators.
IMG_4322The complete look!IMG_4324 IMG_4328 haha I look crazy. This was when I was teaching the many ways to wear a head scarf…IMG_4345 and hair flowers..These are by Nic Coco.IMG_4350 ..and snoods.IMG_4372 Then it was makeup time for my bombshell belle Jade.IMG_4376Teaching how to create the perfect cat eye and build up to different styles..
IMG_4423 Teaching retro style with Amberjoy’s in store vintage pieces.10471884_1518554288373286_456700255_nI dressed Nubia in a few different looks from Amber’s. This dress was her own in which I added a neon belt to compliment her neon 3IMG_4437 Here are some of my awesome students that I had the pleasure of taking photos with before they started shopping for their new retro looks!IMG_4436 IMG_4444 IMG_4447 IMG_4454 IMG_4460 IMG_4463 IMG_4466photo 5Goody Bags! Special thanks to these sponsors!
10488522_1587064874853325_1274834604_nSparkle Lux gave one of my lucky students a free pair of earrings!10499158_1464647220447468_56135073_nCrave Yard sent my girls awesome atomic brooches!photo copyNic Coco Creations sponsored my class with Hair Flowers!10419532_10152415283179504_2658590584358442677_nTatyana clothing and Beach Bash Beachwear gifted my girls with bandanas and parasols! Just look at one of my students in her new parasol we gifted her!

photo copy 9Kenley Collins sponsored my class with her awesome bandanas!

photoPosh Adornments!

IMG_36311And Shop Glamarous who sponsored my girls with her awesome bendable structural headbands!

And a special thanks to Amber for having me teach a class at her shop, Amberjoy’s vintage closet

Till the next class!


6 Comments on “My 1st Retro Style & Beauty class at Amberjoy’s Vintage Closet!

  1. So glad the class was a Success. I always said you seem to be good at everything you do. Those goodie bags look great too.

  2. I would have loved to join this class of yours. Maybe you can incorporate both themes by dressing for your style/body and how to compliment it with vintage fashions that embrace all shapes!

  3. Congrats on this milestone Jas. I am sure it will be the first of many such classes you give. As a regular public speaker and tutor, I know all the preparations and feelings, before, during and after, that you will go through. Welcome to the club. It is well worthwhile, and some people will come up to you tears later and remind you of how you helped them!! Paul

  4. Jaz you look amazing! That dress is everything and wow you are so skilled! Would have loved to have been able to attend this class, well done doll xo

  5. As always you are such an inspiration! Keep being your amazing self and congratulations on your first class. I’m sure it will be the first of many : ) You go girl!
    Nubia’s hair looked amazing btw. Unfortunately I am in another country and unable to attend one of your classes but I would love to know how to do this look with my very fine hair!! Did you use hot curlers/ curling iron or do you suggest foam rollers (my fine hair is prone to damage).

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