Black Mamba.

photo copy 8This outfit never made it into my instagram because it was during a time I took a detox from social media. I realize that I need to do this every now and then to regain my sanity and faith in humanity. There is so much terrible shit going on in the world that It’s hard to keep up and to be honest, it really depresses me. Doing a social media detox is not me ignoring world issues, it’s me helping myself deal. I’m really sensitive to negativity sometimes and it affects everything, even my personal style.You can usually tell my mood based on how I dress. It’s usually the inspiration behind the outfit and lately, I have just been in a weird dark place. I visit that dark place often so this is not my first rodeo, I usually come out of it like a champion. Anyway, just because you are feeling like shit doesn’t mean you have to look like shit. I’m always dressed best when I feel down. It’s a little piece of therapy for me. It lifts me up. On this day I went street-lux in an H&M two piece top and skirt set made of this cool thick mesh material. I fell in love with the quality and structure of these pieces that I couldn’t resist buying it and waiting for Fall. I accessorized the 2 piece with some killer jewelry, black sunglasses, my Nike sneaker wedges, and my Christian Louboutin studded purse. My outfit was black and my accessories were mainly silver, even my nails were metallic. What better way to top it off than to wear Limecrime’s black velvet lipstick? For just shooting my outfit these photos came out pretty dope thanks to my friends Jade & Santiago. Check em out inside!IMG_2152bw3IMG_2117bw5 IMG_2154bw11IMG_2128bw6

8 Comments on “Black Mamba.

  1. Jasmine, I think a detox is needed for alot of us. With the accessibility of news via social media, it makes the world harder to face. :/ Love the look! Inspiring! -Tia

  2. Hey Jasmine- detox is totally necessary … sometimes we need a break from ourselves period. You have a lot going on but you have the right to unwind…

  3. This outfit is freakin killer, wow! I wouldn’t have thought to look in H&M for this. I know what you mean about all of the shit in the world having a negative effect on mood. I can’t scroll though the news as it really depresses me so I get The Bloke to email me specific important articles.

  4. You’re a beautiful soul ❤ and sometimes we need these hardships to help heal us in ways we never expect 🙂 Keep up your amazing work. All the best


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