Dressed to kill by Susana Vestige

13 Here is another awesome look from my last shoot with Susana Vestige. This was my favorite set from all the outfits we shot because I have been dying to wear this rainbow knit two piece vintage suit (1950s). Ironically, I had no blouse to go with it and had to run to my local thrift shop and BOOM, I found the perfect button down. I then paired the outfit with some rad vintage accessories like this ivory pill-box hat and lion head belt. Of course I couldn’t leave out some awesome vintage cat eye sunglasses and my lucite springolators. It is always such a pleasure working with Susana who isn’t just a talented photographer but a wonderful humanist I adore. Thanks to her, one of the images she shot made it into Pink Bow City Magazines #13 issue but I loved them all so here are some you haven’t seen.crop133 6 crop6 5crop4photo 2XOXO

4 Comments on “Dressed to kill by Susana Vestige

  1. Jas everything you do is so inspirational! I love these shots and I know they were extra special because they were shot in your new home! you look spectacular a true hollywood movie star!

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