The Cat & The Caddy Shack!

img_1964A few weeks ago there was an open house in the neighborhood for this infamous house called the Caddy Shack designed by Palmer & Krisel in 1962. This is the same duo who designed the house I now live in with my best friend. This particular home is more Avant Garde than the other models they built and the owners have done a great job making sure it has stayed in its original condition all of these years without some mumbo jumbo coming in to modernize it. I was excited to see it as my best friend and I would always marvel at the cool structured neon lime green retro home whenever we drove by. It exceeded my already awesome expectations when I walked in, it was absolutely gorgeous. The rooms were huge and each one had a different retro theme and color scheme, the pool was amazing, the kitchen was a neon orange, the fireplace was gorgeous, and the closets were ginormous! It was a dream home I hope to buy one day. I wish I could show you more photos but we were too busy marveling at the interior that we didn’t get to take too many. I did, however, get some cool shots of my outfit around my neighborhood earlier that day. I wore a vintage jumpsuit I found for $5 at a cute little vintage shop in Pasadena, California a few months ago. I was a cool cat in my linen jumpsuit, It was so comfy and so light that the Vegas heat was easy to deal with haha. It’s nice to look and feel cute but it isn’t cute to be uncomfortable. I could wear this outfit all day!
IMG_1928 I’m the creep that takes a picture with your awesome car when you aren’t home lol. I love this car, I drive by it all the time and I swoon. It is literally collecting cob webs :/. I should probably ask them if they would be willing to sell it to me haha.1crop Anyway! Back to my outfit. How cute is this jumpsuit! Looks to be from the late 60s. I adore it so much and it has such a unique structure to it…IMG_1947 Love the back of it too! My back is full of scars so I was brave in wearing this outfit. I just sent my insecure thoughts to hell lol! Oh and the matching hair tie I have on is actually the belt that came with this jumpsuit. I just thought it looked better on my head haha.IMG_1953 Doesn’t it look like a hair band anyway?IMG_1956 To complement my outfit I kept my accessories simple. Kate Spade purse, vintage sunburst earrings..crop2…Red polish, red lips, black belt!IMG_1940This car and I just need to be together.
picture-uh=31689562c99fafd6b7d3417c7c0c04c-ps=5deb918899a1a1f864598998abc59133-3328-Seneca-Dr-Las-Vegas-NV-89169 The Caddy Shack! Isn’t she a beauty?

photo 12 Love this painting they had at the 13 Simple yet fascinating. And just look at that sparkly floor!photo 11 Me and my favoritist person in the world, my bestie 10 Can we talk about this fireplace? photo 7 My favorite part of the house was the backyard. What a 6 Gonna just sit here… 5 and 3 and ever….and never leave. Cool?photo 2XOXO!

5 Comments on “The Cat & The Caddy Shack!

  1. Yes, it is a lovely house, just wish I could see more of it. You look beautiful in that suit and it was definitely a great deal at $5. You make it look worth so much more.

  2. That jumpsuit looks amazing on you; you always find the best stuff!

    Your bangs always look perfect, what’s the secret?

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