The Las Vegas Puerto Rican Festival

IMG_1585 A few weeks ago was the annual Puerto Rican festival here in Vegas and it would be our (My bestie Santiago & I) first time attending as Las Vegas residents. We would usually go to the one in the Bronx when we lived in New York so we were excited to see how Las Vegas celebrates our culture. We don’t know too many Puerto Rican’s here but we know a couple, Rudy & Urma, whom we absolutely love that we call our adopted family. They are a happily married elder couple from New York who moved to California in the 70s and then moved to Las Vegas in the 80s. I love visiting their home because they have an old Bronx Subway sign and lots of cool antiques. They have made it a lot easier for us to live in Vegas because we don’t have any family members here and they treat us like family. They are extremely lovable, hospitable, and kind. I can’t tell you how much I miss Puerto Rican food sometimes, and Urma is a pro at cooking such delicious dishes. She can even cook Filipino, chinese, and mexican food. I keep telling them to open a restaurant because they are so talented. My dog rex even loves them as they have a cute little yorky too named Mai Tai who is Rex’s best friend. It was good to see them at the Puerto Rican festival and to meet more Puerto Rican’s alike. It was such a cute and intimate crowd. Everyone was dancing, the kids were playing amongst one another, and the bands did such a great job covering some of the best songs of some of our greatest Puerto Rican singers and musicians. We soaked up the sun, drank Coquito, and ate giant plates of food with pernil, rice, beans, salad, and pasteles. God I missed that stuff. It was also refreshing to see people playing dominos, an old tradition in Puerto Rican and Cuban culture. I was in my element and proud to be around my people. It’s good to know there are so many of us here.IMG_1614Of course I got dressed up. I was feeling very Egyptian though I was off to the Puerto Rican Festival haha. I wore this super comfy and chic orange H&M trapeze dress that I belted and wore with wooden, gold, and orange bangles.IMG_1549The most exciting part about my outfit was that I got to wear my new Christian Louboutin Makeda’s. One of my favorite pairs of Loubies ever.1They match my vintage basket weave purse too!
IMG_1516 Aren’t they gorge!?IMG_1518 IMG_1529 Que bonita bandera! Que bonita bandera! Que bonita bandera!IMG_1531 La bandera Puertorriqueña!IMG_1533 So cute to see so many kids in Puerto Rican jersey’s.IMG_1534dominos!IMG_1541 Our beloved adopted family Urma & Rudy. We love them so much.IMG_1539That’s all folks! I didn’t take too many photos as I was mostly too busy eating everything in sight lololol.

Viva Puerto Rico!


6 Comments on “The Las Vegas Puerto Rican Festival

  1. I love attending cultural festival and events you learn so much! And you get to experience the richness of the food from your own cultura!

  2. The shoes! The Shoes! The shoes! Girl, you are so fly! I love it! Go ahead mama 🙂

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