Gollo’s Annual Cholo Party at Beauty Bar!

cropEvery year my friend Greg has a really huge cholo party at Beauty Bar for his birthday where everyone dresses up as cholos and cholas. He is mexican so this is his way of celebrating and/or introducing his culture to everyone in Vegas. It was a lot of fun and I had been anticipating this party for a while so I could tap into my inner chola. Everyone dressed up for the occasion and his best friend DJ Maybelline (who is also one of my good friends) played some cool west coast hip hop sets, there was a mariachi band, and some really dope bands like The Delta Bombers played too! To top it all off, they even had a Chola piñata! It was a pretty amazing birthday party for Greg if you ask me, and he deserved it! I invited my friend Nubia who is also a new Las Vegas resident and she had a blast too. Her, Yocelin (DJ Maybelline), and I looked like the only girl gang when we left my house. Yoce wore a mens shirt, khaki shorts, high socks, and bandana printed loafers. Nubia wore my Elvis Mug shot T-shirt, jeans, Jordans, and a bandana. I wore a Rik Villa top with matching baggy pants, a white tank, black Nike sneakers, and a bandana to match the Rik Villa set. I had prepared for this party for some time now, but I was ready to take it to the next level and get more creative so I drew an entire sleeve tattoo on my arm with waterproof Avon eye liner haha! I tested it out and it was the only thing I had in the house that was smudge proof, water proof, but could still be taken off in the shower. I couldn’t even believe the masterpiece I created but man, people were complimenting me all night saying I should be a tattoo artist and if not, I should totally get a permanent tattoo done with the design I created. I just went online and looked up gangsta Disney princesses so that’s where the inspiration came from. Anyway, we totally looked the part and I wish I could be a chola every day after that night haha. I might still incorporate some of that gangsta-ness to my regular looks, who knows haha!

10362192_576625775768226_532958791_n-1This Chola was the first one ready that night lol. How cool is this piñata?!
IMG_7435And so it begins..the full sleeve of Disney princesses like Snow White, Ariel, and Alice.IMG_7437Wish I had better photos but we were in a rush haha. Took me an hour and a half to create this..abI drew an image of a rabbit I found online too who resembled the white rabbit ❤

IMG_7424Fresh Nikes.IMG_7455Weave in, a tear drop, a rosary, my Bronx-made name plate and door knockers, brown lip liner, finger tats, and a bandana. LETS GO.
2A Puerto Rican Chola ❤1The irony is that this style isn’t all that different from the Puerto Rican and Dominican style I saw growing up in NY. This style is not limited to Mexican culture. As someone who grew up in Queens, with a father and family from Brooklyn, and some of my family in the Bronx, this style was pretty similar to the Hispanics I saw in different hoods who were inspired by hip-hop culture. The lip liner, the jewelry, the tattoos, and the bandanas were all very similar in different ways.3I played my part and I did it well haha.
IMG_1423My girl Nubia looked like a babe too with a bumper bang red bandana and riffle doorknockers from Shop Dollys. WEPA!
711That Elvis tee is one for the books and looks good with her boyfriend jeans and jordans.5Her tattoos are real haha.IMG_7449GIRL GANG ❤ Look at them cat eyessssss.10259088_10203152631509639_7266752986394343625_oBOOM. Nubia, Yoce, & I. (Photo by Vegas Torch)
1961883_10203152631469638_2499928028571343119_oNubia & I (Photo by Vegas Torch)1489137_10203841286783438_4391728909225844134_n-1Birthday boy Greg (all the way on the right) and his friends from Belgium!10383873_10203152639069828_6161496350346121581_o-1Veronica and Martin! (Photo by Vegas Torch)10321055_10203152647710044_8038877271243739666_oYocelin & friends (Photo by Vegas Torch)10359025_10203152648670068_6552413567222864688_oMaria & friends (Photo by Vegas Torch)10273261_10203152651350135_2461506258474845501_oGina & Maria
10338443_10203152650390111_329204739959878857_oTino, Yocelin, Nayeli, and Jonathan (Photo by Vegas Torch)10397063_10203152653870198_4575795271807705202_oAlisha, Ashley, & Veronica (Photo by Vegas Torch)10287005_10203152654870223_391179945073463452_oMartin & his Hi-Roller Barber crew (Photo by Vegas Torch)905845_10203152660190356_647517469903223113_oLarry & his wifey Ash (Photo by Vegas Torch)10286918_10203152626509514_586495758129738218_oStephanie & Richard (Photo by Vegas Torch)IMG_7464My girls Chelsea and Nubia WOOP WOOPIMG_7457Haha gave Nubia an impromptu tattoo of a heart and lipstick on her arm. ❤IMG_7460IMG_7466The Delta Bombers!IMG_7473Wish I had more photos with the matching top to the pants I am wearing but this will do for now haha!IMG_7478Me and my boo Coco Jenkins ❤IMG_7481My gorgeous friend Cinthia and I ❤

Good times! Till next year!


10 Comments on “Gollo’s Annual Cholo Party at Beauty Bar!

  1. You mastered that Chola look alright. You looked beautiful and love the tattoo sleeve you created. Looks like it was a fun night with great friends. Everyone looked so cool. Happy Belated birthday Greg.

  2. i love this!!!!! everyone looks so great! you’re always gorgeous and i always meant to ask whats your favorite foundation or the one you wear in most of your pics? you’re so beautiful! 🙂

  3. You executed the Chola look! Now I need to get my hands on the avon waterproof eyeliner.

  4. You looked amazing I want to find your pants I loved them got a cholo party that I am going to be attending would love to get some send me info where I can get them please

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